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Early Preview of Ubisoft’s The Division

sgo the division

Massive open world online shooter? Sign me up! Hopefully the story is well implemented and Ubisoft can deliver on their lofty goals.


Social Hub

The Division contains its own social hub space that is separate to areas in which combat occurs, and it’s the only place that you’ll encounter players who aren’t in your current co-operative party.

PvP Areas

Destiny separates its PVP content to an area on its map called The Crucible. This functions like a traditional multiplayer menu option, as it allows you to drop into competitive matches against other players. Similarly, The Division separates its own PVP content into separate areas called Dark Zones.

“The only time you’ll see a player that’s not in your group is inside a Dark Zone or in a social space,” Barnard explains. “You could be in a group in the Dark Zone, you’d be very aware when you’re in the Dark Zone, and that single player, you could come across them also in the Dark Zone and decide to engage if you want. But you won’t randomly run into them when you’re doing missions or when you’re in the base of operations.”

Item Rewards

“End-game is big part of what we want from The Division,” Barnard elaborates. “We want to have content for players to play endlessly, that would be the ideal goal for the game. So you need to supply that with new items, new weapons that cause them to get more powerful.But as to the specifics of tiering, we don’t actually do that in the game, but they actually do get better. So we have statistics that are affected with an item is a better quality; there’s reload time, recoil, lot of those kind of things get better with up to ‘legendary’ or ‘epic’, if you want, items.”


Checkout the video below…



The Division is shaping up to me one of the hottest titles of 2015. Does Ubisoft have a hit on their hands? What do you think?


Via Gamespot

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Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller
7 years ago

You can upgrade your base?! This is very cool! I can’t wait until they launch this! I think I will play it nonstop for a few days and call in sick at work J! That’s what I did when GTA 5 was released and it was awesome! The best sleepless nights of my life!

Noah Jones
Noah Jones
7 years ago

I hope this is not just some hyped up shooter and I really, really want a great story for this! I absolutely loved The Last Of Us and that story was amazing and made me cry a couple of times! That’s what I want from all games, no matter the genre. Anyway, The Division looks like a good contender for 2015 game of the year but we will see.

Lester Goodwill
Lester Goodwill
7 years ago

I think I will be playing the healer because he is (in my opinion) the most important character. Without him, you eventually die. I really hope they are working hard at this game and improving it as time passes because it has been a long time in the making and we still have a lot until it will be released.

Jason McIntyre
Jason McIntyre
7 years ago

“Content that players can play endlessly” this sounds amazing! I can’t wait for The Division to be released! I have high hopes for it and maybe it will be one of the best games ever made!

I have watched the gameplay for this and the game looks amazing. I hope they add plenty of loot and a lot of weapons (something like Borderlands would be awesome). Can’t wait!!!