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Konami Breaks Down Gameplay in New eFootball Trailer

Gamescom kicked off yesterday, and news about upcoming games has filled our headlines. Konami has used this opportunity to share information about its revised free-to-play football title, eFootball. This is in the wake of Konami announcing the end of Pro Evolution Soccer and the re-branding of eFootball PES. However, Konami has been transparent with how the game will progress and get better through player feedback. Today, Konami breaks down how the Unreal 4 engine creates a better experience on the pitch with a new eFootball trailer.

New eFootball Trailer

The trailer goes in-depth about the changes and updates fans can expect from eFootball’s revamped gameplay. Unlike FIFA 22’s Hypermotion, eFootball uses the likeness from ex-Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta to fuel 1v1 duels in eFootball. The result of this influences how players use their bodies to perform dribbles and block in-game.

Konami also showed off its new “match motion” feature that improves the movement of players with the ball. Players will now have a more realistic look about them when attacking and defending in every part of the virtual pitch. To achieve this, Konami thanks a research institute for the data that influences a realistic look on the pitch.

eFootball Road Map

The eFootball trailer finishes with a reminder that fan feedback is important given that the game will update more frequently. However, the eFootball road map is the first indication of what’s to come to eFootball after it launches this fall. For the full breakdown of everything coming to eFootball, you can check out the trailer and visit Konami’s website here.

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