Call of Duty World Championships: Loser’s Bracket Round 1

cod world championships bracket

The first round of the loser’s bracket is coming to a close here at the Call of Duty World Championships. Who went home? Who get’s another shot at the title?

After finishing second in their group, Epsilon Gaming are booking their flights back to Europe. This series was very close, even though HyperGames took it 3-1. The first map was Evac Hardpoint, and HG took it 250-229. Either team could have taken it but at the end HG came out on top. Epsilon bounced back by grabbing Fringe Search and Destroy 6-2. Stronghold Capture the Flag was when HG got their revenge by stomping Epsilon 3-0. Hyper took the last Hunted Search and Destroy by one round, 6-5, to keep their championship dreams going strong.

Optic Gaming bounced back after their first round defeat by cruising past Infused in a 3-1 fashion. Evac Hardpoint was a stomp, Optic won 250-129. The theme of the tournament is Optic’s Search and Destroy demise. They lost on Fringe 2-6 after a stellar performance by all of Infused. Evac Uplink was closer than one would expect, but Optic came out on top after rallying in the second round. Capture the Flag on Stronghold went into overtime in an intense fashion. OG Scump proved to be as hyped as everything claims he is, and carried OG through the fourth map.

Millenium went down to the loser’s bracket after their defeat to Rise Nation. They bounced back by crushing Allegiance 3-0. The first map was way closer than the series score suggests. Evac Hardpoint was a 250-234 finish, but that is when the series got away from Allegiance. Search and Destroy on Fringe was a wild 6-1 finish. Evac Uplink was another brutal match as Millenium advances.

Complexity Gaming came out of their group with the highest seed and a victory over Optic Gaming, but went 0-2 in bracket play. Team Kaliber proved to be the better team after a five game series. This series was so back and forth. Kaliber claimed Evac Hardpoint by a 250-221 score. Search and Destroy on Fringe went back to Complexity, 6-3. The third map on Evac Uplink was a rough one for Complexity as Kaliber bounced back. Complexity took Stronghold Capture the Flag in a slim 2-0 finish. The last map is where it got ugly. Kaliber advanced with a 6-0 finish on Hunted Search and Destroy.

Loser’s bracket round one was full of some awesome matches. The Call of Duty World Championships have yet to disappoint, stay tuned here at Sports Gamers Online to get the latest from the tournament.