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Call of Duty World Championships: Winner’s Bracket Round 2

cod world championships bracket

The second round of the winner’s bracket here at the Call of Duty World Championships is featuring some heavyweight battles. Teams are starting to lose their first chance and being forced to battle from the depths of the loser’s bracket.

EnVyUs vs. FAB Games – NV 3-1

Team Envyus has really came to play at the last two COD majors. They took second place at MLG Orlando and have really proven themselves at this tournament. They knocked Optic Gaming down to the loser’s bracket right before they swept past Faze Clan. FAB Games was the next notch on their belt.

NV took the first map in a very smooth fashion, 250-160 on Breach Hardpoint. The only flaw in their game was showed during the second map that FAB managed to take. Evac Search and Destroy proved that FAB was definitely the better SnD team because of their macro play. The next two maps were dominated by Envyus, as they advanced to the winner’s bracket finals. Three of their four members managed to finish with a positive Kill/Death ratio.

Rise Nation vs. Team eLevate – eL 3-2

The hype train was carrying Rise Nation very deep into this tournament because of their fan support in the arena. Their owner and current NFL player for the Los Angeles Rams, Roger Saffold, was in attendance as his team performed extremely well. Team Elevate proved to be the kink in the armor that Rise was hoping they did not have.

Rise Nation actually looked extremely solid in this series. Every member of the team finished with a positive KDR but they could not pull it together in a macro sense. They took the first Hardpoint by almost 100 points, but then proceeded to lose the next two maps. They came back with a big Capture the Flag win. The last Search and Destroy map really showed RN’s weaknesses as eLevate advances.

There is only one more match to be played in the winner’s bracket, and that will commence on Sunday morning. Stay tuned to Sports Gamers Online for the best Call of Duty World Championship coverage.

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