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DaXe Wins ESWC FIFA World Cup

Paris Games Week happened this weekend over in France, and the Electronic Sports World Cup held a few annual events at the convention. The EA Sports FIFA World Cup was hoisted by France and PSG eSports’ own, Lucas “DaXe” Cuillerier. He managed to take down two time World Cup winner TimoX in the final match, 2-1.

The 2016 World Cup was the first one to feature the Ultimate Team mode. DaXe’s teammate Agge won the tournament last year and went down early in the first round of the knockout stage. DaXe almost got eliminated earlier in the tournament by last year’s runner up, Gorilla. After being down three goals, he came back to win and cruised his way to the end of the playoffs.

DaXe is only sixteen years old and is already a world champion because of his outstanding play. TimoX got the jump on the youngster in the final match by netting the first goal. The pressure did not get to DaXe as he came back and scored two in a row to end the tournament. DaXe is the youngest player to ever win a FIFA World Cup. He is also the first French player to win.

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