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Esports Are Changing the World of Gaming: From Gamers to Streamers


The world of video games has been changing for years. The massive growth of live video game streams on the Internet has truly revolutionized gaming. And the innovative eSports have also made their contribution here. What used to only take place in your own living room has now become an international spectacle with millions of spectators and participants. Today you are no longer just a gamer, but also a streamer, entertainer, and possibly also a professional eSports player. After all, gaming is now much more than just a pastime. It is now a discipline of its own, a profession, and possibly also a source of income.

From Gamer to Streamer

In your own living room on the PC or on the couch at the console, that is how you spent the time alone or with friends. If there were more people present than controllers, people just watched while playing, tips were given and moves were discussed and commented on. With the introduction of live streaming of video games online, this behavior was continued, the audience was only expanded by the streaming by thousands and millions of viewers and participants.

Streaming has changed the way we watch TV, how we listen to music, and how we play games. EA Games also recognizes the importance of streaming and sees great potential in its future development. By streaming, such as on the streaming platform Twitch, players are constantly in the company, even if they are sitting alone at home on the PC. The chat function when streaming enables viewers to make comments and to exchange ideas with gamers and other viewers. In this way, the stream is no longer just about making it to the end of the mission, because as a streamer you also take on the role of entertainer and sometimes also a teacher for the viewer, who provides tips and inspiration. With various monetization options, the streamer may even earn some bread.

Streamers VS eSportsman

The world of live streaming fed the emergence of eSports. ESport raised the world of video games to an even higher and global level. In professional competitions, professional gamers or programmers compete against each other to secure the title and price of the tournament. The number of spectators at these events is enormous and growing steadily. Spectators can follow the games live either on site or via online stream worldwide. The world of eSports will continue to gain importance in the coming years and is likely to develop into a million-dollar business.

The New Era of Gaming

The world of games has already changed a lot through eSports and streaming. And this can not only be observed in PC games, because game consoles now also offer streaming functionalities and even casino games and sports betting platforms such as 888sport bet app are now taking advantage of the new streaming phenomenon to enable players to offer live streaming of the game while facilitating the live betting function whereas, online casinos offer games with real dealers live and let croupiers participate. Online games are finding more and more fans and followers. Instead of sitting in front of the TV today, many prefer to watch live streams of games instead of working in the bar and are increasingly making their pocket money by streaming, instead of sitting alone in front of the PC at home, one now has virtually everyone from all over the world as a society.

It is unmistakable that the world of gaming has changed significantly as a result of eSports and the streaming of games. The number of participants in the eSports tournaments is increasing exponentially in recent years. Now, with the immense number of viewers, the growing number of eSports events, and the increasing popularity of live streams, it remains interesting to see how gaming will develop in the future.

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