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Evil Shift at E3 – Hands On Impression

Evil Shift

At E3, I had the chance to go hands-on with the Evil Shift prototype from Evil Controllers. This year, the company marks its 10 years of innovation and passion with a new high end competitive gaming controller, the Evil Shift. The Evil Shift answers problems in competitive gaming that players didn’t know they had.

What Is The Evil Shift?

In addition to being crafted from first-party controllers, the Shift aims to be an all-in-one solution for competitive gamers. In gaming, timing is key. This ideal powers the modular design as well as future implementations for the Evil Shift. Furthermore, you don’t have to be an eSports competitor to feel the advantage of playing with the Shift. The Evil Shift keeps the same ergonomic feel and weight of standard Xbox One and PS4 controllers.

Features Breakdown

Evil Controllers has implemented these features to make sure Evil Shift is tournament-ready.

  • Added paddles to utilize every finger during gameplay.
  • Paddles are built with Instant-touch Technology. Gamers can press, tap as well as shift the paddles from any direction using any amount of desired force.
  • The lightweight and ergonomic paddle placement eliminates accidental button presses, Shift Paddlesall while retaining a sleek and comfortable grip.
  • Additionally, the Evil Shift uses highly durable switches. This allows it to last longer than any other controller on the market.
  • The Evil Shift utilizes no extra tools. Therefore, players can remap the Evil Shift paddles on the fly without an interruption to gameplay.
  • Evil Shift sports the best trigger sensitivity on the market. The hairpin triggers reduce trigger tension by over 50 percent while maintaining full range of motion with no additional limitations.

Why Make The Shift?

No controller is perfect. However, 10 years of passion and innovation has yielded a result that comes pretty close. The Evil Shift is built with the future in mind and adapts to the needs of the gamer.

  • Players have a choice of three interchangeable thumbstick sizes. This includes options for stick heights allowing greater sensitivity as well as variable surface areas for tighter control.
  • Remapping and saving controller profiles can be done in seconds. Players will be able to adapt their setup quickly in or out of the game.
  • Furthermore, the Evil Shift is capable of saving more mapping profiles than any other controller.
  • The Evil Shift also has reduced travel time for the face buttons. Again timing is everything; players can hit combos faster and repeat button presses at faster rates. In addition, the face buttons have an audible feedback when pressed giving instant gratification when pressed. Trust me, it’s awesome.

Thumbstick SizeWhether you’re eSports, casual or a hardcore at home gamer like myself, there’s an Evil Shift for you. No matter where you play, you can get an Evil Shift on Xbox One, PS4 or PC. By visiting Evil Controllers online, you can see how you can customize your Evil Shift once it launches in late summer. Expect prices to be on par with market standards.

Be sure to follow Evil Controllers on Facebook and Twitter for product updates. Stay tuned here on Sports Gamers Online for more news from the best of sports at E3 2017.

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