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LeBron James Ends the GOAT Debate By Joining Fortnite

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest athletes of all time. Very few NBA players can say they won three consecutive titles. Fewer can boast that, when they got bored, they came back and won three more in a row. Without a doubt, Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Is he in Fortnite though? Because LeBron James is.

This morning, NBA star LeBron James cemented his status at the greatest to ever do it by revealing two upcoming skin bundles in the toybox battle royale game Fortnite. One in his Tune Squad jersey from the upcoming Space Jam sequel, which comes with a casual alternative outfit, and a second skin wearing one of the wildest blazers I have ever seen. Both skins drop into the Fortnite store on Wednesday, July 14th.

LeBron James in Fortnite: The Greatest Of All Time?

With this, the LeBron versus Jordan debate is over. Jordan has done a lot in his career. He’s won six titles, taken a lot of things personally, and worn a baseball jersey once. He’s never had a single Victory Royale, however. Also, he has never even been shot at by Chun Li. By joining Fortnite, Lebron James joins a pantheon made up of some of pop culture’s greatest icons: Marvel’s Avengers, Ryu from Street Fighter, and a cool banana. He also joins actual football stars Neymar Jr., Harry Kane and Marco Reus, along with a number of other sports memorabilia. I’d say the case is closed.

LeBron James’ Fortnite skins drop Wednesday at 8 PM EDT. The press release doesn’t list how much the bundles will cost, but the high-end Icon Series skins tend to cost 2000 vbucks, while the less intricate ones cost either 1500 or 1600 vbucks.

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[…] Look, Jordan is great. One of the greatest, even. Lebron James is in Fortnite, though. Hard to argue with the facts, for my money.View full source […]

Tremaine Gardner
Tremaine Gardner
6 months ago

Hahaha false! IMO but I am glad we can still have fun in the video game world! Good for lebron and nice click bait but this is not a real argument but I hope it turns into one so I can have some fun with he debate with folks.