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Pro-FIFA Player Mike LaBelle To Join The New York Red Bulls eMLS Team

Mike LaBelle

As we learned over the weekend, Major League Soccer is launching its own eSports league called the eMLS. Professional FIFA gamer Mike LaBelle announced he would be joining the New York Red Bulls to represent their MLS team in the upcoming eMLS competition.

Mike LaBelle To The New York Red Bulls


The various eMLS teams will start to take shape after April. This is around the time the US and Canada qualifiers take place at PAX East, the annual gaming convention in Boston. LaBelle is still in the dark with regards to the full set of details, such as the competition’s rules and tournament layout.

At the conclusion of the PAX East convention, participating MLS squads will begin recruiting professional FIFA players to represent their club in the upcoming eMLS FIFA competition. A seven time US champion, LaBelle is highly regarded as one of the best FIFA players in the country. LaBelle is also a well known FIFA expert who specializes in creating gaming tutorials for the Red Bulls YouTube channel.

That should tell you a little bit about the level of talent and competition one can expect to see in the new eMLS tournament. The league is open to players from the US and Canada, and will reportedly resemble the new NBA 2K League in terms of the style of competition and level of professional play.

Check back with SGO regularly for all the latest news and developments from the eMLS.

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