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NBA 2K League Announces Post-Combine Evaluation Plans

2021 NBA 2K League Season

With the NBA 2K League wrapping up their combine for aspiring players on Feb. 21st, plans for the next stage in the selection process have been unveiled.

Behind the scenes, the league will be undergoing an evaluation of all players who managed to complete the necessary phases of qualification in an effort to whittle down the number of eligible players to a final Draft Pool of 102 players that will be announced in late March.

In order to earn consideration for the league, prospective players were first required to amass 50 wins in January in order to qualify for the combine in February. This combine stage then stipulated that players fill out an online application and complete 40 games at their primary position in designated playing windows on either an XBox One or PS4 version of NBA 2K18.

Now the NBA 2K League will be poring over all of the online applications, combine results and players’ stats in order to cull all of the prospects that fulfilled the aforementioned prerequisites down to 250. From there, these players will be contacted in late February and March for one last assessment that will come in the form of an interview rather than any more appraisals of their on-court abilities. For those who didn’t make the cut, even the players who managed to complete all of the necessary objectives but were not ultimately selected to be part of the top 250 will be notified of their status.

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