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NBA 2K League Combine Questions and Answers

NBA 2K League combine

Recently, the official Twitter account of the NBA 2K League answered some of the most frequently asked questions posed by fans regarding the upcoming 2K League combine. The 2K League Combine will begin on February 2 and last through the 21. It will also serve as the second part of the official NBA 2K League player try-outs.

NBA 2K League Q&A

NBA 2K eleagueThe first details surrounding the combine were released last week, but in case you missed it, there are a few key details you should know.

First, any players who completed the January qualifiers by winning the 50 games requirement are automatically invited to the upcoming NBA 2K League combine. In addition, the player pool was officially expanded to 102 total players.

According to the NBA 2K League website, the player pool was “expanded to allow for roster flexibility,” and for all draft hopefuls, that means each of the 17 teams will draft a total of six players to their initial 2K League teams.

Thanks to the NBA 2K League Twitter Q&A we were able to learn a great deal more about the first ever NBA 2K League season and combine. The team in charge of the Q&A on Twitter was quick to address plenty of the popular questions.

It’s great that players will be able to switch player archetypes from game to game, but players can only switch types within their set position such as PG or SG, for example. The games are going to be a 5-on-5 format with each player on each team selecting their player archetype at the start of each game.

Regarding gameplay recording, hopeful prospects can rest assured that all gameplay is being recorded at all times. As you can see from the tweet below, one of the reasons for the constant gameplay recording involves monitoring player behavior and conduct.

Since those players who are fortunate to be drafted by a team are expected to conduct themselves with the same standard as other team franchise employees, gameplay recording will help serve as a way to ensure players are maintaining their professional conduct.

The last major question addressed by the first NBA 2K League had to do with player streaming and the conditions surrounding live game streaming. Many of the top NBA 2K League prospects stream their games on channels such as Twitch. The league wanted to make clear that players are more than welcome to stream their games, but streaming your live games does not impact your chances of receiving an invite to the combine.

Anticipation is mounting as we move closer to the official tip-off of the first ever NBA 2K League season. The various rules regarding official game times and “playing windows” were also made clear during the Q&A.

In the weeks following the completion of the NBA 2K League combine, players who get selected for the draft pool will be notified by the league.

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