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Nordic eSports Heroes, Items and More


eSports spans not only video game sports competitions. It is for newbie gamers, professionals, spectators and more. Among that big crowd of enthusiasts, there are some who know their heroes entirely— not limited to their skills and items but also their identity and lore.

Aside from the prominent Egyptian and Greek Heroes in the top e-sports, there are also some who borrow their roots from the lore of the ancient Scandinavian. Check out our Vikings and other Nordic references from the most popular Esports of today, League of Legends and Dota 2!

League of Legends

●     Freljord (location)

‘The Freljord; a home to some, a grave to countless more.’ – Lissandra

Brutal and ruled by its ruthless nature, the name Freljord was taken from an unknown Nordic language, meaning ‘frozen ground’.

As one of the regions in the large universe of the League of Legends, this harsh and unforgiving land is a place where demi-gods, born as warriors, start their path. Ruled by diversity with no cemented power in place, the land is swept in civil wars by three warring factions with their own idea for the future of the land

Freljord contains The Howling Abyss, a large and mysterious chasm carved deep in the ice. No one knows its origin but the land sees countless deaths from the battles of brave warriors who have stepped in this land.

●     Trundle, The Troll King (Hero)

‘Outsmart anyone you can’t beat, and beat anyone you can’t outsmart.’ -Trundle

This powerful juggernaut champion comes from the trolls of various literature and Norse mythology. These are mysterious beings of the lore who live isolated from humans and are described in various ways. Although most of them have their faults such as being slow-witted, they are feared by the Scandinavians for their strength and carnivorous diet.

This massive and devious troll controls the land of Freljord. Without anything that he can’t bend to his will, even the ice of Freljord, Trundle rules over his kin after winning over them with his quick wits, an unexpected quality from his people.

Carry this hero wielding the Boneshiver to the battlefield! Made from true ice, Boneshiver and Trundle are ready to impale his opponents with freezing shards of ice. Stand as the champion of the trolls and of Freljord!

●     Olaf, The Berserker (Hero)

‘When you meet your ancestors, tell them Olaf sent you.’ -Olaf

As a raging berserker, Olaf’s origin belongs to the North Germanic lore and maybe, actual history. Generally, berserkers are the crazed warriors of the battle.

In the cultures where they come from, the berserkers (bears) along with the úlfheðnar (wolves) became more of their totem animals than actual humans, becoming frenzied but formidable warriors on the ground.

This dominating axe-wielding creature marches on to the battlefield attacking everyone in his way. Looking for a glorious way to pass over Valhalla, Olaf searches for the right champion who can end his life. Unfortunately, his search is far from over as no one can beat this champion.

Dota 2

●     Ymir, The Tusk (Hero)

‘After a bar brawl, it’s customary, as a courtesy, to buy everyone who’s still standing a round of drinks.’ – Ymir

Perhaps inspired from the first being of Nordic Mythology, Aurgelmir (Ymir) is the father of all giants. Ymir was born from the drops of water that originated from the melted ice of Niflheim meeting the heat of Muspilheim.

In Dota 2, Ymir is a very powerful yet novice creature, fighting against tons of warriors for a stake at his favorite bar. His reward for winning a brutal and horrific battle? The next round of drinks!

Pick Ymir, the Tusk as your hero! With a powerful control over ice, Ymir is great to lead the path and as a ganker. He can also assist his team with a powerful shield of snow or his Tag Team ability that can buff allies to slow down foes at every hit!

Get ready to get brawling with Ymir! There is not a bet to lose!

●     Eye of Skadi (Item)

Extremely rare artifact, guarded by the azure dragons. -Description

Skadi (Skaði) is a powerful giantess of Nordic lore. Living in the highest mountains with eternal ice, she is famous for archery, and hunting. She is also a goddess of marriage as she is married, although separated from the sea-faring Njord.

The Eye of Skadi is an artefact from the main item shop. However, it can only be assembled by items from the Secret Shop. It gives the passive Cold Attack and grants additional attributes to heroes.

●     Mjollnir (Item)

Thor’s magical hammer, made for him by the dwarves Brok and Eitri. -Description

As one of the most powerful and feared weapons of Nordic lore, the Mjölnir is said to be wielded by the god of thunder, Thor. Created by the Sons of Ivaldi, this is a powerful weapon that can level even mountains.

In-game, the artifact is purchasable from the item shop but can only be made out of items from the Secret Shop. The Mjollnir has the active skill, Static Charge, and a passive one, Chain Lightning. It also adds to attack speed and damage.

There are many stories hidden behind your favourite heroes, and items in League of Legends, Dota 2 and other games. It may be Norse, Greek, and even Asian roots! If you are up for new games with Nordic themes, check out Loki Wild Tiles, The Banner Saga, Rune: Ragnarok and many more!

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