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When people generally talk about esports, the first games that come into mind are typically League of Legends, Warcraft, Pub G, CS: GO, and many others. However, a rising category in esports is traditional sports sims. Major league sports often have their own respective video game counterparts, and those are beginning to break ground in the world of competitive video gaming.

Of course, many of these leagues have been around for some time. However, following the start of the pandemic and due to live events being restricted, many new leagues have been created. And just like traditional esports, these often come with cash prizes.

Usually, people make money through esports by betting on football or other sports on sites such as https://www.gamblingsites.com/football-betting/sites/, but people can also get paid to play traditional sports video games.

Top eSports League around sports gaming

FIFAe World Cup

Many different FIFA tournaments exist across the esports spectrum. For those unfamiliar with the FIFA video game, it is developed by EA sports. You can choose from different clubs from different leagues around the world, and you can choose national football teams as well.

Each tournament features\ specific restrictions or rules before it begins. Obviously, there are teams that are much better than others and can play as an advantage. Most tournaments have specific rules on which teams to use and what game settings would be placed. Prize winnings can range from $30,000 USD up to $100,000 USD.

NBA 2K League

Another famous traditional sports video game is NBA 2K. It is one of the top-performing sports video games worldwide. The game releases a new one every year to account for the new draft classes that are added to rosters each year. 

A unique feature of NBA 2K is you can create a detailed avatar that serves as your MyPlayer for the game. You then spend a good chunk of time training and gaining experience with that MyPlayer to increase its skills.

The NBA 2K League stands out in that it mirrors the NBA league with rules and regulation for its participants. In addition, players join teams and go through a draft much like college players leaving the NCAA for the NBA.

Madden Championship Series

Even though it is only usually played in the USA, Madden is another traditional sports video game with big money competitions. It is very similar to how FIFA online tournaments work. Players can choose teams, and they can compete with one another. The premier Madden league runs its course similar to an NFL season.

Esports players competing in leagues with traditional sports video games can earn big bucks if they are good enough. Some people see the similarities in the mental aspect. Players need to have a feel for the game, memorize the in-game physics, and know how to operate specific teams. The only discrepancy is they don’t have to be in physical shape.

eFootball Championship Open

The eFootball Championship Open is one of the largest official worldwide eSports tournaments. Players participate using eFootball from Konami. Tournaments typically start in the Summer and do not require any special application process. Players automatically join the tournament by playing in the Challenge Events. The open concludes with the World Finals, which will be broadcasted worldwide via online streaming.

eSports WRC Championship

Another rising leagues is the eSports WRC Championship. Seen as a tool to find potential new rally drivers, the eSport WRC Championship consists of 13 rounds across the same roads and stages as the real-life WRC. Each year, the uses the current WRC game with the next one featuring WRC 10. In addition, anyone with WRC 10 can enter the competition, with the best drivers across the season invited to race on live TV in the eSports WRC Grand Final.

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