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Students Who Play eSports Do Better in School


Gaming has taken the world by storm. More and more people of all ages are getting into it. Gaming has become so popular in the last decade or two and eSports has become one of the top-paying and fastest-growing sports in the world.

Of course, many people believe that gaming makes your mind numb as more and more evidence is emerging to prove the opposite. In previous years, there was a stigma around gaming and gamers, but the gaming industry has proved that a general feeling is not proof of anything. It turns out, students who play eSports do better in school and here’s why.

eSports Provide Diversity Through Inclusion

When it comes to gaming and eSports, inclusion is as natural as breathing. There is no distinction in skill between guys and girls and it is quite common for teams to be made up of males and females. Not only can teams be mixed in terms of gender, but eSports also do not discriminate on the grounds of race. If you are good enough to play, then you make the team, regardless of sex or race.

Being exposed to this diverse team dynamics enables students who participate in eSports to do better in diverse groups. They are accustomed to mixing with people from all walks of life and also find it easier to pinpoint the weaknesses and strengths of team members. They rely on every member to play their part and know that if one member slacks, the collective fails.

Although eSports and gaming increase attentiveness and perseverance, it still takes a lot of time and might take away the time students need to do their homework or write an essay on an important topic. That is why many students resort to outside help and order essay writing services by EduBirdie, where professional writers help students in solving educational problems. It ensures continuous learning for college students and keeping their education goals on track.

It is an Extracurricular Activity 

Studies have shown that students who participate in extracurricular activities perform better in school and college. Gaming has given the guys who are not the biggest athletes an opportunity to exercise another skillset. All of the regular benefits like teamwork, time management, and perseverance that is intrinsic to sports education is also a major aspect of eSports.

It provides an opportunity for all the students who do not have anything else the chance to compete and feel like they are part of something bigger. Their self-confidence shoots through the roof and their social skills also get a major boost.

And as mentioned earlier, seeking help for essay writing is not something new for college students.

Students support each other or ask for help from their parents when they need help with a complex topic or the deadline is tight. Therefore, to go for outside help in essay writing is not a new concept. Moreover, if you feel that as an esport player, it could be your future profession, learn to divide time between education and gaming wisely.

Managing Stress and Disappointment

Anyone who is involved in sports will be able to tell you how hard it is to deal with failure and disappointment. The point is that they get the opportunity to work through these issues.

eSports is no different, but it is not reserved for the select few. eSports allows for more people to deal with these crucial issues and develop coping mechanisms. Without eSports, a massive wave of students never learns how to overcome adversity.

While playing a tournament, the stress can also be overwhelming. As an individual, you feel the pressure and stress of people relying on you to perform. Like any other skill, stress management needs to develop.

Not everyone has a natural knack for it. Nevertheless, the novice eSports arena is much less harsh than other mainstream sports. This allows the players to gradually find their footing and discover how to best deal with stress.

Strategic Thinking and Planning

The one area where eSports outclasses more traditional and physical sports is in the strategic thinking and planning realm. Games help in writing assignments because every game requires planning and perseverance.

eSports takes this aspect to the next level and players now have to plan and collaborate with multiple team members. In some cases, preplanning is done to develop a strategy, but this only serves as a framework from which the team needs to make decisions on the fly during a game.

Time Management and Traveling

One of the other key skills that eSports players learn early on is time management. Playing in an eSports team requires practice and dedication, but academics is also still part of their lives.

Learning to manage time is a non-negotiable and students who end up playing for their schools or colleges quickly find out how to balance playing and academics. In fact, they tend to excel in it because several games also require management skills.

Students who get involved in eSports usually do so at a young age, which means that they get to travel a lot. Tournaments are held all over and during a season, traveling is inevitable.

This allows the players to develop traveling skills that they would never have been able to learn before – from packing routines to budgeting and learning how to navigate public transport. These are the skills that they are exposed to from a young age regularly.

STEM Learning Stimulation

There are many physical and practical skills that eSports develop, but on an academic and cognitive level, research has shown that STEM skills seem to improve. As players immerse themselves in the games, they also tend to develop an interest in technological fields. Although the figures are not exact, over 60% of eSports players tend to follow a STEM career path.


The verdict is out and there is no way that modern society can ignore the importance of eSports. It is here to stay and can no longer be classified as an alternative sport. It boasts some impressive skills that players develop and allows anyone to participate. Its growth has been rapid over the last decade and does not seem to slow down any time soon.

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