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Can you believe Wimbledon is just around the corner? It is amazing to think, but June 28 will be the start of one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments on the planet. Such an event provides a great opportunity to place bets on your favorite players, or at least those you think are most likely to win.

Despite the tournament remaining a little over a month away, that does not mean fans cannot get in on the action right now. There are great eSports competitions going on right now, and you can even get in on enjoying playing a little tennis videogame yourself. After all, maybe your own competition on your TV will help to spur up some thoughts of who will win in these eSports tournaments.

Whether or not you play video games to prepare, this is the time to start scouting the odds for potential winners. Interested? Find the latest odds for major eSports events on the calendar at Online Sports Betting, where anyone can learn about the odds and likelihood potential victors for every match. If you are an avid fan of eSports, then why not enjoy these events to their fullest?

Growing eSports Popularity

The eSports industry is growing at an incredible rate. If you are watching these events, then you are likely aware of this already, but the popularity continues to grow. People are loving these events, and they blossomed even more during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

While major sports leagues were shut down across the globe, eSports continued thrived, as major tournaments were still occurring. This has led many to enjoy and get involved in these events, as there are millions watching and participating in major tournaments.

Tennis Tournaments Thriving in eSports

One does not need to go to Wimbledon or any other major tournament to get in on the action. Tennis is becoming a very popular eSport as there are major tournaments and events that occur each year as well.

The best part about these kinds of tournaments is that players do not need to travel to get involved. They can enjoy the benefits of playing in international tournaments across the globe from the privacy of their own living room or basement. This is allowing players of all skill levels to participate, regardless of whether they are competing for the tournament title or simply want to get in a game or two against top-notch competition.

What is making these events even more enjoyable is that they are often included as part of a major international event. For example, last year, while fans were getting excited about the French Open, Roland-Garros, BNP Paribas and NACON were partnering to put together a major eSports event. In fact, it was the third year in a row they offered this tournament to virtual players.

In a statement surrounding the event, Stéphane Morel, deputy CEO of the French Tennis Federation’s Marketing and Business Development Department, explained “Following the two previous editions of the Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas, we are looking to go even further in bringing sport and eSports together by calling on prestigious high-profile partners such as Team Vitality.”

This is giving virtual players the opportunity to participate in major events, and feel like they are part of the international tennis world, including at events like the French Open. With the court designed to look exactly like the French tournament, it was not surprising when this event drew major players from across the globe.

A Smart Marketing Strategy

The eSports industry has done a brilliant job of marketing tennis to players across the globe. The reason why they are loving these types of events is because they can feel like they are playing at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the Australian Open, or the French Open, because the graphics and design of the program is geared to look exactly like these major tournaments.

Plus, executives are working to draw in new fans by specifically marketing toward younger players. They understand that there is a whole group of millennials and Generation-Z players who would love to participate in these events, and are developing strategies to encourage them to get involved. This is only going to help these events to become bigger in scope and popularity.

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