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EXCLUSIVE: Old Time Hockey Story Mode Details

Old Time Hockey

In today’s sports gaming landscape, it seems that every title needs to have a single-player story mode of some sort.

Old Time Hockey is no different.

The 1970’s-era arcade hockey title from developer V7 Entertainment will feature a story mode where players take control of the worst team in the BHL — Bush Hockey League — and guide them to relevance.

In an interview with Sports Gamers Online, Mike Torillo, co-founder on V7 Entertainment, spoke about Old Time Hockey’s Story Mode, and what fans can expect.

“You get a hold of this team halfway through the season, and they’re just an outright terrible team that’s not doing well,” Torillo said. “The premise of this — without giving away too much — is that the team went through some major long-term injuries at the beginning of the season because of this really agressive violent team at the top of the league.”

Torillo said that team — Schuylkill Hinto Brews — is struggling to field a competitive group of players because the town is going through a recession. And, because of the recession, the team’s main sponsorship — a local brewery — is in jeopardy, putting the team’s talent level in the tank.

It’s put the talent level at a minimum because of the lack of funds to pay for better players.

“You pick up from there,” Torillo said, “and you follow the manager — the heartbeat of our storyline — and what he has to do to pull this team out of its slump, and try to see if they can save this team from moving from the city.”

Old Time Hockey launches on March 28 for PC and PlayStation 4. An Xbox One and Nintendo Switch version are expected later this year.

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