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Early Skate 4 Footage Hints Towards EA Making Good on Studio Freedom Pledge

A little over a year ago, publishing giant, EA, pledged to allow game studios more freedom in how they make their games. This, of course, came after a series of bad launches in games like Anthem, Mass Effect Andromeda, and even iterations of Madden NFL. Many gamers expressed skepticism and rightfully so. However, following a recent reveal of some Skate 4 pre-alpha footage, it seems EA may actually be making good on this promise.

Skate 4 Pre-Alpha footage shows promise

These days it us not uncommon for the public to not see early footage of games. If we do, it is typically especially curated footage, crafted to control a development narrative. Or, we see trailers meant to hype one specific aspect while cleverly avoiding the truth. We shouldn’t expect this to change anytime soon. However, the recent snippet of pre-alpha footage from Skate 4 does show promise.

Reliable leaker, Jeff Grubb, took to twitter to release a small video showcasing what looks to be a Skate 4 prototyping test. The small some 30 seconds video highlights early collisions, fluidity of motions, and contextual animations. In addition, there is some early audio revealing sound effects.

Grubb comments that the footage is in line with what many are saying about EA’s direction. The studio recognizes the need for stable and polished games. Of course, depending on the source of the footage, it could be yet another specially curated leak. I do think its best we have a little faith, even if for no other reason than wanting to see the industry return to good game development habits.

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