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Riders Republic Beta Dates Announced

Last month, Ubisoft announced Riders Republic will be delayed until October 28, 2021. However, new information concerning the beta has just come out. Ubisoft has announced the Riders Republic beta will be playable from August 23 to August 25. 

Riders Republic Beta launching this August

Riders Republic is like a spiritual successor to Steep. It separates itself from its predecessor, as it’s not a simulation title. While Steep focused on winter sports, Riders Republic has more variety of sports players can participate in. From rocket wingsuits, biking, skiing, and snowboarding, the game offers a range of activities for players to choose from. 

Ubisoft described the game as a “massively multiplayer sports game”, as more than 50 players can compete against each other in races. It’s in an open world that meshes seven distinct national parks in one single map. It has a career mode similar to Skate 3 and has a social hub that players can interact in. 

The closed beta is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC, and Stadia. It will give participants the chance to test the game’s careers: Bike Races, Snow Tricks, and Air Sports (Rocketwing & wingsuit), alongside several other modes. 

The large-scale multiplayer is showcased as well. Mass Races and Trick Battle gives players the chance to compete in 6v6 matches to capture objectives and earn points by doing tricks on them. It also features a free-for-all which gives players the ability to enjoy playlist events and a versus mode with friends. 

Players can sign up to take part in the beta on the Riders Republic website. If you get a beta invite, you can invite two friends. 

The game is will launch on the aforementioned consoles on October 28. As we inch closer to launch, hopefully, the game won’t be victim to any more delays. 

Are you excited to play the game? Let us know down below.

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