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Rumor: Skate 4 COULD be Shown in July

Here is some news to help lift your spirits after the cancellation of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 + 4

During Summer Game Fest, EA was supposed to announce a few new upcoming titles like FIFA 23, Skate 4, and more. According to an article from credible leaker Tom Henderson, Skate 4 could be shown off in July.

Skate 4

A Long Time Coming for Skate 4

Electronic Arts’ financial reports suggest the American publisher is set to release four significant titles during its fiscal year in 2023. One major title, sports title, remake, and partner title. We are thinking that Skate 4 could be the major title, and PGA Tour is the sport’s title. The best part is that EA’s Skateboard title could come out as early as the start of 2023. 

Since its announcement during EA Play 2020, not much has been said about the skateboarding title. Last year, developer Full Circle showed off a trailer called we’re working on it. Recently, leaker Jeff Grubb showed off early gameplay footage of EA’s upcoming game, but we have yet to see any official gameplay. However, Tom’s article suggests that the official gameplay of Skate 4 is planned to be shown in July. 

We don’t know for sure if Full Circle’s skate game will be an isolated event or part of some EA show. Remember, Electronic Arts doesn’t have plans for an EA play event this year. So everyone is still wondering when we will see upcoming games from the publisher.

Are you ready to see Skate 4? Are there any other EA games you want to see soon? Let us know in the comments and keep it locked here on Sports Gamers Online.

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