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Skate Developer Reveals New Trailer

Ahead of a massive week for Electronic Arts, announcements of some well-known titles are finally starting to surface. On Sunday, Skate’s Instagram account revealed that Skate 4 news was imminent. Now, we have a brand new trailer from the Skate developer, simply stating “we’re working on it”.

New Skate Trailer

Since Skates return was announced, information about the game has been scarce. And the new trailer is the most concrete news fans have gotten since the announcement. The trailer is just a heads-up to fans that the game isn’t quite ready to be shown yet, and that they are “working on it”. While there wasn’t any gameplay shown in the trailer; Studio lead Cuz Perry stated that “a couple people have seen it”.

The trailer goes on to show people shooting motion capture for the game, and developers talking about their excitement. With Electronic Arts having such a huge week leading up to EA play on July 22, we hope to hear more about the next Skate title.


Skate has endured an 11 yearlong hiatus with the last entry being Skate 3 in 2010. The Skate series has received praise for its gameplay, and open-world. The game has been on the list of many titles EA needs to revive next to Dead Space, and Mass Effect. Hopefully, developer Full Circle can usher in a fresh Skate title that fans can be excited for.

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