Fall Guys Adds Past and Current WWE Superstars

Dead Man Falling

Current WWE Superstars

There are many famous wrestlers, but few are considered Icons. Wrestlers whose very image is instantly recognizable in any form. Wrestlers with iconic outfits like the Macho Man Randy Savage and Rick Flair, or with legendary face paint like The Ultimate Warrior or Sting. Even fewer of these wrestlers have held Icon status for three or more decades. The Undertaker has accomplished all of this. In his time with WWE, Mark Calaway performed as possibly the most recognizable gimmicks in the history of professional wrestling. Which is why it’s extra funny, and extra fitting, that they’re adding The Undertaker to Fall Guys.

Blundermania – WWE Invades Fall Guys

In their “Blundermania” event, Fall Guys will introduce a bundle of costumes with three WWE superstars: Asuka, King Woods (with a Franchesca emote), and the legend, The Undertaker. Despite everyone being a weird bean creature, each costume has its own unique visual identity. I think my only beef with the choices is I would have liked to have seen UpUpDownDown’s Austin Creed, but maybe he got to choose and wanted to be DA KAAANG instead.

Initially I thought seeing The Undertaker’s signature hat and robes on such a weird anatomy is a little strange. I’ve spent some time thinking about it since, and it’s not even the weirdest art style that wrestlers have been portrayed in. Is a Fall Guy bean that much weirder than the art style for WWE 2K Battlegrounds? Plus, Fall Guys and combat sports like wrestling have a lot in common. For starters, whenever I join a game of Fall Guys, I instantly feel like I am fighting for my life.

With their new free-to-play model, Fall Guys has been selling more bundles like their WWE Summerslam crossover. Each of the three costumes should be available on its own in the store. A group package will include the three costumes, the aforementioned Francesca’s Refrain Emote, as well as a special Undertaker celebration. The three wrestlers enter the Fall Guys store on July 28, the same day another WWE legend joins Fortnite.

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