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FIFA 17 Career Mode: New Features

EA Sports has released a list of new features for FIFA 17’s Career Mode. Here’s what they have in store for the newest installment of the soccer franchise:

Total Club Management


Total Club Management provides players taking on management roles with objectives to fulfill based on club ownership priorities. Every team has unique short and long-term goals you’ll need to achieve to succeed with that club.

There are five categories of club expectations:

  • Domestic Success
  • Continental Success
  • Brand Exposure
  • Financial
  • Youth Development

You will be able to view the progress of these objectives from a new menu in Career Mode. Achieving these goals is key to keeping your managerial popularity rating where it should be.

Some goals include promoting young players, returning to the top of your division, signing big-ticket players, and even expanding your club’s brand to Asia.

Financial System

Club Worth is new to FIFA 17 Career Mode. This financial system presents players with different sources of income and expense to manage. Club Worth includes a detailed breakdown of your income from transfers, loans, match-day revenue, media, and merchandising. You’ll also be able to keep track of player and scout wages, youth facilities, stadium maintenance, and travel in the Finances menu.


fifa 17 managersFor the first time in Career Mode, players will be able to choose their own manager avatar who will be visible on the touchline. Players can choose from 11 high-res managers. Managers are PS4, Xbox One, and PC exclusive.

New League

Players can compete in Japan’s J1 league in Career Mode. The J1’s inclusion in FIFA 17 was announced back in June, but the league’s inclusion in Career Mode was unknown until now.

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