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FIFA 17 Gameplay Analysis: What to Expect From This Years Game

FIFA 17 Gameplay_what_to_expect

In the past couple weeks EA has released four official FIFA 17 gameplay videos showcasing new features in the upcoming installment. Today we get down to “What This Means” in the grand scheme of FIFA 17.

EA will always attempt to build hype prior to launch and as a consumer we’ve got to have an eye out to make sure we understand realistically what type of title we are purchasing. When I buy a new title that’s a $60 investment the majority of the time, and I prefer to check reviews prior to that purchase.

Many times new gameplay features in FIFA can be OVERPOWERED. For example, in FIFA 16 nearly the entire gameplay innovation trailer focused on new defensive animations, better defensive recovery when the attacking players beat the back line, and the inclusion of the double slide tackle.

This helped beginner players defensively, but took the manual element out of FIFA 16. What was the result? An overload of slide tackles in every match without proper reward or punishment when you anticipate an opponent’s misjudgment.

Another example was the notable attacking changes promoted in FIFA 16 = Driven Pass & No Touch Dribble. Both are valuable assets to the attacking approach and the driven pass is mandatory if you wish to play FIFA at a high level in the current installment.

This is common practice from EA, and that’s why we are going to analyze the new features in more depth in this article.

Set Piece Rewrite

Good Look – This is the first time in FIFA history that I can recall having control over the angling and approach of a free kick. I can guarantee in terms of direct free kicks FIFA fans will be able to score goals different from any FIFA installment prior.

Concerns – Non direct free kicks and corner kicks now offer the user the ability to “place” a free kick. Similar to if you’ve played Warcraft or Red Alert where you use the mouse in order to click to move your units. This takes a lot of skill out of the equation and could make for some very buggy gameplay with the addition of automatic pin point accuracy.

New Attacking Techniques

Good Look – More customization with picking out the correct finish in 1v1 scenarios is going to create new scenarios and situations that 100% have my interest. I’m almost certain the low driven shot is going to be game changing in FIFA 17, especially since it can be applied to volleys / headers.

Concerns – Do goalkeepers have a chance? I’m playing devil’s advocate here, but if you are able to keep all your shots low this means GK’s will be forced into more saves than ever before. Will this in turn equal out to an abundance of the dreaded rebound goals?

Active Intelligence System

It’s not possible to know if EA has done a good job with the AI until the full title is officially released. Every year EA claims to make leaps of innovation in this department and that’s not always the truth. I’m extremely curious to see how both the attacking and defending AI deal with all the new additions regarding gameplay.

EA now has fake dummies when showing for passes, which should present new possibilities for wall passes and layoffs especially for tiki taka players. I’m hoping this is developed correctly and allows players to dictate pace via slow buildup that then turns into rapid passing in close quarters.

Physical Play Overhaul

Good Look – If done with proper balance the new shielding could become a gameplay innovation that changes the entire feel to the new installment. First time shielding and initial protections is important to the FIFA franchise. This year it was far too easy for the defenders to step in front of passes aimed towards strikers without having to “fight” to get through the attacker.

Concerns – The ability to backdown a player manually could prove to be more frustrating than innovative rather quickly. Holding the ball is already a common protocol in FIFA matches, and I would hate to see new features that make that style easier for consumers.

Hopefully you enjoyed our FIFA 17 Gameplay Analysis, be sure to check back daily for the latest FIFA 17 news and tips from your favorite sports games here at SGO!

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