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FIFA 17 Top 10 Teams – Part 1

With FIFA 17 approaching it’s about that time where we discuss the potential “Top 10” clubs for next year’s installment. This list is not based on the highest rated squads, but rather a realistic expectation of in game performance. In FIFA the highest rated players aren’t always the best players in the title and that’s also a safe rule of thumb when dissecting the best teams. I will not be taking into consideration any “potential” transfers. If the deal hasn’t been confirmed yet, then I don’t want to incorporate the rumor mill of transfers into my Top 10 countdown.

  1. Atletico

An underdog story… I feel as if most people still don’t talk about Atletico nearly enough even with major achievements in the BBVA and Champions League.


  • Griezmann is going to be spectacular in FIFA 17 after an MVP season for both Atletico and the French National Team. Torres is a good partnership and the speedy Gameiro / Correa should allow pace abusers some options.
  • Love the defense! Luiz – Godin – Gimenez – Juanfran can compete with any backline in FIFA.


  • Atletico will need a couple overpowered superstars if they want to be competitive with the rest of the teams on this list. Don’t doubt players like Cerci or new signing Gaitan who have that type of potential. If you are using Atletico in FIFA 17 expect to run the majority of your attacks through Griezmann, Torres, and Carrasco.
  1. PSG

Even with the departure of big Ibra, PSG still keeps it spot as a powerhouse squad coming into FIFA 17.


  • New addition Ben Arfa combined with an improved version of Cavani and Di Maria is going to create havoc going forward in next year’s title.
  • Defense is made for shutouts and based on last year’s title Trapp was one of the better GK’s in FIFA outside the big 4-5. Kurzawa – Luiz – Silva – Aurier (WAM BAM THANK YA MA’AM)


  • Concerned a bit regarding striking options in case Cavani doesn’t pan out as expected. Playing CAM’s or Wingers up top doesn’t always convert into a natural transition.
  1. Manchester United

Welcome back to the FIFA Top 10 Manchester United. Last year was the most boring United I’ve witnessed in the BPL, but with the resurgence of Mourinho to the BPL we have TRANSFERS!


  • Big time transfers that include one of the most dominant strikers with Ibrahimovic. In FIFA 17 he’s going to be a monster on the pitch and change the way you build your attacks. United also brought in Mkhitaryan and I’m just waiting on the official transfer of Pogba to join the squad on Old Trafford.
  • De Gea is a Top 3 GK in FIFA and that won’t be changing in next year’s installment. He doesn’t have any weak points and was a major factor to “HOW” United was able to salvage a season last year in the BPL.
  • Rooney and Schweinsteiger = solid utility players.


  • Reliable Role Players? How good are Martial / Rashford coming into FIFA 17? Will the backline be able to rival the attacks of other top clubs? Manchester United has quite a few unanswered questions coming into FIFA 17, but since Martial is a cover star I’m expecting him to be a viable option to team up with Ibra.
  1. Chelsea

Will Chelsea return to both real life greatness in the BPL and FIFA dominance in next year’s installment? Let’s visit the squad.


  • Perfect team for a 433 setup or a 4231 with wingers. This squad doesn’t lack creativity or speed on the wings with the likes of Willian, Hazard, Cuadrado, and Pedro.
  • Chelsea strikers are designed well for the new  FIFA 17 features. Costa, Remy, and new signing Michy Batshuayi all fit the mold of complete strikers who offer athletic aerial presence. I also believe they will succeed with the new shielding innovation. Just think if Chelsea is also able to finalize a deal for Lukaku?


  • On paper the defensive backline looks “alright”, but in FIFA 16 they didn’t seem in sync well. Based on the season Chelsea had in the premiership I wouldn’t expect to see any improvements and John Terry won’t take you to the promise land of FIFA dominance.
  1. Dortmund

Don’t doubt Dortmund’s FIFA capabilities! Respect the Sweat!


  • Aubameyang, Reus, and Schurrle are capable of creating consistent attacks and some of the most deadly counters in FIFA without the need for additional support on the break.
  • Don’t ever doubt the BS that Aubameyang brings to any FIFA installment. He’s one of the fastest players in the game combined with size, finishing, and lucky bounces that only the FIFA God’s can issue.
  • Trusted organization in the midfield and defense in terms of shape. Size and player awareness should not be overlooked in FIFA.


  • Your build up needs to be a bit more direct if you want to use Dortmund in the higher divisions. This team doesn’t offer the versatility for creative or heavy possession breakdown in my opinion.

Check back later this week for Part 2 of our Top 10 FIFA 17 teams!!

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