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FIFA 17 vs PES 2017 Early Comparisons

FIFA 17 vs PES 2017

The hype has been growing with both titles as the new installment release date inches closer, and in today’s write up I’m going to give you the early scoop on what you can expect from an “unbiased credible source”.  Unfortunately in the gaming community the largest mediums for news are often well spoken individuals, but lack expertise when it comes to specific titles.

I’ve been playing FIFA and PES since 2004/2005, and always speak from the consumers end of perspective. When you only have a corporate opinion, then you lose your entire opinion.

Let’s get this underway!



New Engine Announcement. Due to the new engine EA was also able to create a new game mode with “The Journey” . I believe the Frostbite engine will vastly improve cut scenes, close up player imagery, the crowd, and stadiums environments. The overall experience will be on another level in compared to what we’ve witnessed with FIFA 16, however I don’t expect the graphics to make a major leap on the gameplay end.


Trailer displays improved graphics from the year prior. I’m impressed with the trailer they released actually in terms of the simplicity, yet effectiveness that caters to the core audience.  No time was wasted in the trailer and I felt the simulation of a real match in the trailer. Don’t sleep on PES in terms of “GAMEPLAY GRAPHICS”

  • EA will win the bells and whistles category with the new engine almost undeniably unless PES has also implemented a brand new engine. This doesn’t mean PES won’t look as crisp when you’re on the pitch. Keep in mind gameplay is always going to be valued higher unless you are solely playing the story mode.



FIFA has all the ingredients for success each year, but with patches changing the game on an almost monthly basis you don’t know what you are going to get as a supporter of the series. EA also makes each installment of FIFA in the past 4-5 years just a little easier for a novice player to pick up and play. What does this mean? Expect some BS bounces on the daily and circumstances where the “better” player is not rewarded for their efforts.

– Servers are so much better in FIFA in comparison to PES which is worth referencing in the gameplay section, because poor connection = poor gameplay.

– EA’s battle each year with gameplay is “BALANCE” . I have a full interview on my channel with the gameplay producer from EA Sports FIFA team where he actually addresses the concern with balance which is reassuring that we should see changes in FIFA 17.


PES often does better in terms of the realism aspect of simulation when looking into more depth for a soccer experience.  The key is being able to combine realism with enjoyment which is why we’ve seen the NBA 2K series thrive while NBA Live was eliminated in the race for the best basketball title. This isn’t said to bring any sort of a negative light towards EA. I just think it’s a good example of combining the simulation with longevity of your title.

– I mention this in the video, but I think people also regularly get tired of FIFA and switch to PES only in search of “FIFA 2.0″ as opposed to the completely different experience PES brings.

PES = Larger Skill Gap

PES will take larger risks with gameplay changes as opposed to EA.

Game Modes


NEW GAME MODE – The Journey is the first step in a more interactive my player style career mode in the FIFA series. This alone = my pre order, because I want to experience something brand new to the FIFA series. We as players / critics have complained about the lack of player development in FIFA, but we’ve got our first taste now in FIFA 17.

FIFA Ultimate Team has the most customization, replay ability, and financial opportunity compared to any game mode presented by either developer. FIFA has stretched out a large lead in the race to the best soccer title solely on the development of FUT.

– I wouldn’t expect any changes with Career Mode or Pro Clubs. Might have some minor shifts, but with the new addition of the journey and the major focus being on FUT I wouldn’t create large expectations for these portions of FIFA.

– EA announced at the press conference at E3, that in FIFA 17 they will be supporting Esports. This is the first time in the history of the FIFA franchise that EA has spoken about publicly supporting competitive tournaments. (4 Major Events = The Rumor for FIFA 17)


PES has licensing issues and they didn’t have enough update patches in PES 2016 to stay current.

– MyClub doesn’t outperform FUT.  That’s EA’s bread and butter game mode and they spend the majority of their resources expanding FUT.

– The Master League  = BETTER than the FIFA Career mode series.

  • PES excels with AI development and understanding patterns. They have much better coding / programming in this department compared to EA.
  • PES AI will adjust to your personal tendencies as a player.

Ex: Do you always shoot near post?  Do you play mostly on the wings?

PES also claims in 2017 the Artificial Intelligence has even gotten more complex in terms of understanding patterns. Why is this so important? “If you’ve played FIFA career mode then you already know WHY, but if not…”

  • FIFA AI when playing career mode just holds possession for the entire match and based on the difficulty level they do it better or worse. After you’ve completed a few matches in career mode it’s usually time to shut of the game console or shift focus into another game mode, because the gameplay doesn’t differ.


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