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FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Gets Major Updates

FIFA 18 Pro Clubs

EA Sports added several updates and improvements to FIFA 18, making it one of the most innovative games in the franchise. This includes big updates to features and game modes like Pro Clubs.

Updates To FIFA 18 Pro Clubs

In Pro Clubs, players create or join an online club as a single customizable player. Then, they compete in ranked leagues similar to Online Seasons. Players will then earn skill points through playing matches. These points can then be spent on unlockables in their skill tree.

This year, in the match lobby, you can assign set piece takers and switch up your play style. This removes the hassle of having to leave the lobby to change up your style.

FIFA 18 also allows you to create multiple play styles for your Pro Clubs player. However, you are limited. You can create up to three different positions or up to three different styles for a single position.

The player growth is now dictated by skill trees with more in-depth options for customization. While you still gain experience, the skill points you earn from playing matches can be spent to customize and grow your player.

This year, FIFA 18 adds 12 new colors to use when customizing your Pro Clubs kit.

That about wraps up the updates made to Pro Clubs in FIFA 18. Be sure to pick up your copy of the game when it launches September 29. Pre-order FIFA 18 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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