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FIFA 21 Details In-Depth Career Mode

FIFA 21 gave fans details about career mode and the improvements made to the feature. A new Pitch Notes blog released Thursday dives deep into the mode, showcasing the new improvements made to career mode. They also released a new trailer that highlights the top improvements made.

Improvements/New Features to FIFA 21 Career Mode

Interactive Match Simulation

The new interactive match simulation helps managers adopt a more practical and faster-paced approach to matches. This makes all decisions made on the field all-the-more important. The speed of the simulation is doubled with gamers having the ability to jump in and out at any moment.

Managers can also interact with their team management, change their game plans, and monitor information for both teams in real-time. Here are some of the tabs that are available:

  • Fitness – gives you an idea of which players might run out of Stamina first
  • Player Ratings – summarizes which players are performing well and which players are struggling
  • Match Stats – provides an instant snapshot of both teams’ performance
  • Game Plan – shows the systems the teams have adopted on the field

Gamers can also listen to audio from the commentary and the stadium throughout the match.

New Match Launcher

FIFA 21 adds the new Match Launcher to career mode.

Managers can launch each match with three different options:

  • Play Match – load into traditional gameplay
  • Sim Match – launch the new Interactive Match Sim
  • Quick Sim – instantly jump to the final result of the match

New information about the opponent’s line-up can be found before matches. The match launcher has streamlined the experience by making some changes like automating the kit selection to get into matches quicker. Match settings can also be found with new options that are specific to the Interactive Match Simulator.

Player Development

Players are developed and specialized in various roles based on their playing position and the attributes that best fit your style of play improved upon. Whether they favor playing out from the back, possession, or fast counter-attacks, roles can instruct your players to focus their growth in the direction that they want.

Player growth is determined through XP accumulation based on how they play in matches. The XP goes towards the following four factors:

  • Major Attributes – attributes that generate the OVR of the player for their current position
  • Skill Move/Weak Foot ratings – especially for attacking players
  • Attacking/Defensive Work Rate
  • Attributes that fuel specialization – Attributes that may not contribute to the current position OVR

Player Position Conversion

Position Conversion is mechanically similar to Player Development, with the key difference that all growth XP gets directed towards attributes and abilities that would cater to the player’s new position. Conversions can also impact Work Rates & Skill Move abilities of players.

New Active Training

The new active training helps develop players on your clubs.

Active training is a new feature to career mode that introduces the concept of a Training Day which can take place anytime on your calendar. The training focuses on the overall match readiness of the player’s squad using the Match Sharpness performance modifier.

Each Training Day will feature three distinct training session slots, each focusing on a specific training drill and specific players. Multiple players can now participate in each drill, depending on the drill type, allowing you to involve up to 15 players in each Training Day. Every session consists of diverse drills and various scenarios focused on improving a specific area of the game: Defense, Passing, Dribbling, Shooting, or Set Pieces.

Player Sharpness

Player sharpness can determine how good a player plays in matches.

Sharpness is an all-new indicator that helps indicate how ready a player or a team is for a match. A sharp player will have their main Attributes boosted and will perform better on the pitch. Sharpness ranges from 0 to 100.

Sharpness at 50 means the player is at average Sharpness. They will not receive a boost nor will they incur a penalty on Attributes. Think of 50 as the baseline. Sharpness between 50-100 means the player is sharper than average and their Attributes will be boosted. Max sharpness (100) sets a Max Attribute boost. Sharpness between 0-50 means the player is below average Sharpness and his Attributes will be reduced. Min Sharpness (0) will determine the Max Attribute reduced.

When a player’s sharpness is at 100, they see positioning, finishing, ball control, and shot power improve. All four are decreased if the sharpness of a player is 0.

Team Calendar Planning

Managers can plan out their schedule on what to do through their calendar. They can set up different activities including training days, recovery days, and rest days. Players can make changes on a daily level, pick what to do on specific days, or use schedule rules to position patterns.

For more on all the changes and improvements made to FIFA 21 and their career mode, check out their Pitch Notes at this link.



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