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FIFA 21 Gameplay Details Revealed

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team EA Gate

Soccer fans are getting an in-depth look at once FIFA 21 launches October 6. Their Pitch Notes blog covers gameplay improvements for current console games based on community feedback. They did note they were not discussing next-gen versions until later in the year. A new trailer including gameplay features released August 4 covering some of the noted improvements.

FIFA 21 Gameplay Features

FIFA 21 increases the number of attributes used to decide each action’s quality, animation speed, and effectiveness. The idea is that it will allow for the player’s personalities to be taken to the next level.

The changes include agile dribbling, creative runs, positioning personality, attacking, and its positioning attribute impact as well as defensive awareness attribute impact. FIFA 21 focuses on smoother encounters, enhanced CPU AI, competitor mode, and the fundamentals of the game. Those fundamentals will make headers, defending, blocking, and passing smoother for gamers. FIFA 21 also improves the animation transition system to make for faster transitions and more fluid movement resulting in a more responsive experience.

Gamers will also see an increase in control from instant hard tackles to improved super cancel mechanics. More settings are being added including auto flair passes, auto clearances, auto shots, and more. Additionally, the focus on responsivity also brings improvements to Skill moves.

Other general improvements include enhancements to responsivity in online gameplay. Those include skill moves detection, switching improvements, general responsiveness, and wrong/no action. There also is a removal of some celebrations and the walk back cinematic after a goal in online matches. Furthermore, FIFA 21 also sees a reduction in the length of goal celebrations in an effort to speed up the game.

In addition, Kick-Off mode is seeing some overall improvements. There will be a Kick-Off only feature that modifies players’ attributes to provide an enhanced and friendlier gameplay experience. Another feature is Rewind which allows players to go back in time and replay in-game moments to practice or change the course of a match.

For more information on all the new gameplay features and improvements being made to FIFA 21, gamers can click on the link to see what all they are adding.


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