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FIFA Mobile: The Reimagined Football Game for Players on the Go is Here

FIFA Mobile Out Now

FIFA Mobile is now available worldwide as a free download for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

The mobile version of EA’s football franchise offers a quick and accessible experience that still provides the depth of modes and presentation players have come to expect from FIFA.

New ways to play like Attack Mode are available. Daily events based on stories and matches happening around the globe are also on offer, and the game brings a new approach to squad building.

FIFA Mobile Senior Producer Todd Batty had this to say about the development process: “When developing FIFA Mobile, we focused on giving players the most exciting parts of football in quick and fun bursts while prioritizing gameplay and engaging, new ways to play FIFA on-the-go. This meant building a game that was optimized for the mobile player resulting in a fun and social game that loads quickly, runs smoothly on a wider range of devices, and has a small download size relative to the depth of features and content in the game.”

Attack Mode is new to FIFA Mobile. This turn-based mode allows players to take part in quick matches where they try to capitalize on as many attacking scenarios as possible. Players then pass the device to their opponent to do the same. Every goal scored earns in-game Fans, which help players climb Divisions.

Also new to FIFA Mobile are Leagues. Players can create a league with friends or join an existing league of up to 32 players from around the world to compete and climb the leaderboards. Players can earn cooperative league achievements, compete in inter-league championships, and challenge other Leagues in Tournaments.

A new system for crafting squads called Plans has been put in place. Plans let players remove unwanted items by assembling them to earn new and better items. Plans can help players build a bigger and deeper club while offering a simplified method to unlock valuable items.

FIFA Mobile also boasts fully-hybrid, gesture and touch controls, which provide veteran players with more strategic options. However, these controls are simple enough that gameplay is accessible to all players.

FIFA Mobile operates as a Live Service, delivering daily content and challenges based on real world stories and matches.

Playable in 19 different languages, FIFA Mobile supports a wide range of devices, and it only takes up 100 MB on your device.

FIFA Mobile has over 30 leagues, 16,000 footballers, and 650 clubs.

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