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Fight Night Returning On Next Gen?

Fight Night

Fight Night is coming back!

Hopefully. If a boxing Legend is to be believed.

After nine years since its last entry, the Fight Night series has been dormant as other fighting titles like EA Sports UFC take center stage. But now, if a boxing legend is to be believed, the series may be closer to a return.

According to former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, EA Sports is “considering” bringing back the popular boxing series to the next generation of consoles.

This isn’t the first time that a prominent name in the sport has mentioned the return of Fight Night.

Back in October 2018, promoter Eddie Hern mentioned on Twitter that he was talking to EA about bringing the game back for fans. Then, in the summer of 2019, Hern doubled down on talking to the company about the return of the series when answering fan questions.

In a video for Thaboxingvoice on YouTube, Hern stated that he’s reached out a number of times.

“I actually wrote to…EA Sports, “do you realize how many questions I get about Fight Night games? Let me bring it back.”,” he said in the video while also admitting that no developer has reached out to him first.

He followed that up by saying EA has responded simply saying, “We’re looking at it.”

Brian Hayes, the Creative Director of EA Sports UFC 3, told SGO back in January 2018 the following:

“I’m a big fan of the Fight Night Series having worked on in extensively in the past. As much as people are chirping at me, I’m chirping at people internally at EA as well. And I’m always banging that drum.”

Recently, EA Sports announced that the servers for Fight Night Round 4 were going offline on March 9 after 11 years. The servers for the last release in the series from 2011, Fight Night Champion, are set to remain active for the time being.

Obviously, until something is made official by EA Sports or another developer, everything regarding the return of Fight Night or a new AAA boxing title should be taken with that old grain of salt.

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