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ESBC March Development Update

As we continue to wait for a return of the Sweet Science to console gaming, Steel City Interactive has given eSports Boxing Club followers an update on everything ESBC for this month. Check it out below.

Studio update

Within the last few weeks, Steel City filled five positions on the ESBC development team. These hirings are described as “boxing enthusiasts” who will carry out ESBC‘s mission statement of being the boxing game by fans, for fans.

Gameplay update

Three complete movement and punch-sets are now implemented into ESBC. This number is set to increase during the game’s early access period, as well as when more fighters are added to the game. Also, the Adrenaline system has made its way into ESBC. This mechanic aims to completely change how fight pace is managed. There are no further details on this new feature as of right now, but it will be addressed in a future gameplay video.

Additionally, ESBC is in a completely playable state. Demo builds of the game are being sent out to partners. Online multiplayer is undergoing early stage testing, with more to come on this in future updates.

eSports Boxing Club

ESBC fighters and player movement

A pipeline for additional fighters has been established for the rest of this year and into 2022. A gameplay video is right around the corner which will delve into further details about ESBC‘s mechanics. All player movement in eSports Boxing Club was motion-captured by amateur, professional, national, and world champion boxers. The aim is for ESBC to be as realistic as possible. However, the game will feature a “casual mode” that still relies on simulation aspects, but makes for more lighthearted play.

Launch plans

After delaying its initial launch date, Steel City Interactive is confident that ESBC will be available for early access console play this summer. That said, Steel City has no plans of rushing its product under any circumstances.

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