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ESBC Roster Preview


The planet’s best fighters walk this earth with a singular purpose. They orbit one another, day by day, building momentum, preparing for the moment when gravity takes hold and their life forces are tested. One on one.

eSports Boxing Club bolsters an unmatched fight roster, stacked with legends and current champions. Steel City Interactive is planning for an unheard-of 250+ fighters. The official confirmed roster includes Canelo Alvarez, Vasyl Lomachenko, Muhammad Ali, Roj Jones Junior, Deontay Wilder, Jaime Munguia, and 200 more. Unfortunately, the release date for ESBC has yet to be announced.

eSports Boxing Club Roster Preview

Notably missing from our ESBC roster preview is Floyd Mayweather Junior. Mayweather never made an appearance in the heralded series by EA Sports. This is likely due to licensing the rights to Mayweather being extremely costly. Money Mayweather’s camp typically pushes for the highest payouts. Negotiating with game studios is no different. If game giant EA was not willing to pay out to include the fighter in Fight Night, it is unlikely a startup indie studio such as Steel City Interactive will either. We do not expect to see an officially scanned-in and licensed Mayweather Jr. in ESBC.

That said, ESBC will feature a create-a-fighter tool where gamers will be able to create and share boxers with the global community. We anticipate the community will cook up a brilliant representation of Mayweather, Jr. to be shared online for download. And once the PC modders get to work, we can expect a lifelike representation of Mayweather in the game. It remains to be seen if the game will be cross-play enabled and if created boxers will be shareable across platforms.

Continuing with our ESBC roster preview, here are the fighters we are most excited to unleash when ESBC drops.

Canelo Alvarez – Welterweight- Light heavyweight

Who wouldn’t want to use the pound-for-pound best? Canelo Alvarez has been on a Thanos-like conquest for all of boxing’s belts. His next stop is a cruiserweight matchup against Illunga Mabaku. Alvarez uses his combination of speed, power, and durability to establish himself as one of the most dominant fighters. Since he could be playable in five different weight classes, the possibility of matchups are endless. He could match up against Terence Crawford (welterweight) or Roy Jones Jr (light-heavyweight).

Vasyl Lomachenko – Featherweight

Vasyl Lomachenko will be one of the top selections in ESBC. One look at his highlights and we can see his incredibly balanced footwork at play. He never waivers, his eyes locked in, and his head steady. The unrelenting featherweight champion is always in the right position to strike. His weaving and counter throws are highly efficient, if not, deadly. Expect Lomachenko to feature prolific power and accuracy in his hooks and uppercuts in ESBC. His versatile offensive tools will be paired with fundamentally sound defense.

Deontay Wilder – Heavyweight

Bolstering the heavyweight division in our ESBC roster preview with a current-day fighter is Deontay Wilder. Deontay Wilder will be a fun character to deploy. Wilder has ruthless power that he has used since he started boxing. The ability to chain combinations together in-game will make Wilder a nightmare for anyone who faces him. As a member of the heavyweight division, players can dream up impossible matchups. You could have him face off against the likes of George Foreman, Muhammad Ali, or a hypothetical fourth match against Tyson Fury.

Jaime Munguia – Welterweight- Middleweight

Jaime Munguia is coming off of a scintillating win against Gabriel Rosado. He is one of the best rising stars in boxing. Across three divisions, Munguia has a myriad of matches in ESBC. He could fight Canelo Alvarez, Roy Jones Jr.,​​ and Tim Tszyu.

Muhammad Ali – Heavyweight

Muhammad Ali would give the heavyweight division nightmares. Ali’s elusive ability, accuracy, and durability would make him a threat against any boxer. ESBC is where we could make dream matchups amongst the legends and young talents. Ali vs Fury, Ali vs Wilder, or Ali vs Klitschko are just some of the endless possibilities for matchups in ESBC.

Roy Jones Jr- Middleweight – Heavyweight

Closing out our ESBC roster preview is a great champion. RJJ is the most intriguing fighter on this list. He captured titles across five divisions in boxing. In our exclusive with ESBC, the team broke down the process of building a fighter like Roy Jones Jr. Steel City Interactive wanted to capture the essence of what made him so great. The matchups with RJJ are endless. You could fight Fury, Wilder, the Klitschko brothers, Canelo, Sugar Ray Robinson, or even Butterbean.

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