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ESports Boxing Club Devs Talk PC Early Access and More!

eSports Boxing Club

Due to new lockdown restrictions, Steel City Interactive delayed their first video development for eSports Boxing Club. Instead, the information including Early Access details and more, released in a statement to the community.

eSports Boxing Club talks Early Access & more

ESBC developer, Steel City Interactive released a statement covering several topics including information meant for their first video blog. The statement opens with the team confirming they remain committed to transparency. Along with the scope of eSports Boxing Club, their team has grown as well, increasing from four to 13 members.

Steel City writes how the initial aim saw the game launching in Q4 of 2020 as a low budget title expected to grow over time. This is no longer the case. Thanks to a small amount of investment and team growth, the group has set their sights higher with hopes of creating a true next-gen boxing experience.

As a result, Steel City Interactive decided to delay the December Early Access launch. Additionally, the statement further details how the team would like any releases to meet their high expectations. Thus, while some parts of the game perform exceptionally well, others still need improvement.

First Development Video Blog

Due to not lockdown, Steel City Interactive decided to relay the details of their video blog in a statement. First, the team appreciated the feedback and gameplay trailer reactions. They also noted the response to punch speed and will adjust moving forward.

The team also clarifies a few release plans. For now, eSports Boxing Club remains expected to launch on current-gen (Xbox One, PS4) and PC, as well as Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. However, Steel City Interactive plans on doing a phase launch with the first taking place on PC. Additionally, discussions regarding a launch via Xbox Game Preview remain ongoing. More information on that will follow on a later date.

Additional Notes for PC Early Access:

  • Physics v1 and mechanics implemented with v2 on the way
  • Up 70% of the Career is implemented
  • Offline multiplayer available (online version is implemented but experimental)
  • Character customization
  • Steam enabled uploading/downloading of custom boxers
  • 21 licensed boxers
  • 9 venues
  • Initial commentary added
  • Ability to edit/create your own career allowing players to rename trainers, judges, and abilities.

While this may already be enough for a solid Early Access launch, the team expresses not wanting to make a quick buck off the community and expect to only launch when eSports Boxing Club reaches their level of expectations.

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