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ESports Boxing Club DLC, Sequels, and More Addressed

One of the questions surrounding ESports Boxing Club has been whether the game will take advantage of DLC after the game ultimately launches.

It’s a weird question to ask for a game that’s still months away from a final release, but it’s come up enough to where the team behind the game felt it needed to be address. And it has…kind of.

Esports Boxing Club DLC Plans

In an episode of SI Boxing with Chris Mannix, the Vice President of Global Acquisitions for the game, Todd Grisham, joined the show to talk about the game and what fans should expect. One of those things confirmed without actually confirming is that paid DLC will be coming after ESports Boxing Club is released. He did so in talking about how payouts work for fighters in the game, mentioning that DLC characters get a percentage of the revenue generated by the sales of their character.

“Oleksandr Usyk, I’m not sure if he’s going to come with the game or be DLC,” Grisham said. “You want Butterbean or you want Usyk, who’s not part of the game you go, ‘Ok, five bucks. Boom.’. You buy it. Every time you buy Usyk, he gets a percentage of that.” 

As far as a next installment, Grisham said that when fighters are signed they are told that it won’t be an annualized release like a Madden NFL or NBA 2K. Rather, the boxers are signed for multiple years.

“When we sign fighters to contracts, it’s basically saying we’ll probably have another one in four years,” he said. “This one’s for four years.”

One last major hint dropped regarding fighters is that two boxers from the Top 5 pound-for-pound rankings have “all but been signed”. Grisham said he couldn’t go into details yet, but added that he thinks that, by the time ESports Boxing Club launches, 95% of the boxers fans would expect to be included will be whether at launch or via DLC.

ESports Boxing Club is expected to see an early access release on PC in the summer with the full release to come later in 2021. SGO will provide more details on the game as it comes out.

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