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ESports Boxing Club Leaked Trailer: Full Roster, New Features, Release Plan and More

For those awaiting more details on the first fully-licensed fighting game in a decade, wait no longer. eSports Boxing Club‘s latest trailer leak gives us a look at some gameplay mechanics, new features, career mode, licenses, and other exciting aspects. Check it out below:

New features

On top of an all-new footwork system that aims to marry realism and fluidity, Steel City Interactive’s trailer gave us a peek into some of the upcoming features in eSports Boxing Club. These include: a seasons model with DLC packs, create-a-fighter, online multiplayer leagues, and multiple weight-classes. Exhibition fights and ranked leaderboards are also in the plans for ESBC’s online play. Not to mention, officially licensed world championships.

It appears the folks behind eSports Boxing Club really put in the legwork to ensure the game feels as immersive as possible. Licensing agreements outside of its roster of fighters goes a long way in doing just that. Belts, commentators, and more are all officially licensed as well.

Career mode

ESBC will feature a full career mode with in-depth RPG character attributes included. In this mode players can take control of one of their favorite fighters or create their own. In terms of depth, your character will have the opportunity to sign with a promoter and hire a trainer, as well as a cutman.

ESBC full roster

ESports Boxing Club‘s roster is pretty stacked with nearly 100 boxers signed on to be featured. Legendary names like “Smokin’ Joe” Frazier, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Rocky Marciano will be immortalized in ESBC. Check out the roster yourself:



ESBC will be releasing on both generations of the PlayStation and Xbox. The title will also see a release on PC and Nintendo Switch. PC gamers can expect early access this year while those with a PlayStation or Xbox can expect a release some time within the next 365 days. Unfortunately, a timetable for release on the Switch appears to still be up in the air.

Are you excited for eSports Boxing Club? What features stand out most to you? What’s something that’s still missing? Let us know below and stay locked in with us at Sports Gamers Online for the latest when it comes to ESBC.

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