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eSports Boxing Club Shows Off Updated Gameplay

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard news about the highly anticipated eSports Boxing Club. Which is fine. After all, Steel City Interactive warned us this would happen when they announced the end of monthly updates in 2021. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and today’s 7-minute update video is made more exciting because of it. In the video, SCI Global Communications Director Will Kinsler talks over new eSports Boxing Club gameplay footage, shares fighting updates, and reveals a brand-new boxer.

Kinsler led by talking about some new camera angles the team’s been testing. First, a wide lens angle, to better see the entire fight. Then, a close-up view that “really highlights those toe-to-toe moments.” Finally, a cinematic view, which is generally the worst view to play games in, but a beautiful way to watch someone else’s match.

The Evolution of Punches in eSports Boxing Club

The trailer had a lot of small updates for how the actual boxing feels. In the last eSports Boxing Club gameplay we saw, we were introduced to the game’s 36-punch control scheme. Now, eSports Boxing Club is looking at over 60 individual punches.

Kinsler said the current version of the game includes power versions of each basic type of punch as well. A little extra juice at the cost of stamina. The video touches on the addition of critical zones, areas on the boxer’s face that sustain more damage. This way, a glancing punch will have reduced impact on the fight, but a direct hit to the temple may send your opponent right to the mat.

Today’s update shares a little work in progress footage of the development of inside fighting as well. Kinsler identified this as an important part of the sport. “As boxing fans,” he said, “we appreciate those moments where fighters are right on top of each other, looking for that opportunity to throw a shot that will connect at just the right time.”  Boxers shift their stance when they move into close range. Kinsler gave props to ESBC’s physics engine here. Quick hooks and jabs can do work, or barely miss, depending on your opponent’s body position.

Kell Brook Joins The Roster, But Who is DLC?

King of Fighter Reveals Todd Grisham crashed the video to announce that Welterweight Kell “Special K” Brook will join the eSports Boxing Club roster. Brook has held welterweight titles for nearly 7 combined years. Brook is another strong addition to a burgeoning roster of fighters coming to eSports Boxing Club.

Kinsler talked a little bit about ESBC’s upcoming roster, as well. Specifically, he talked about the split between base roster and DLC fighters. Kinsler reiterated that not every announced fighter will be in the base roster but did list a handful of boxers who will be. ESBC’s base game will include Canelo, Ali, Fury, Wilder, Terence Crawford, Joe Frazier, Roy Jones, Vasiliy Lomachenko, Claressa Shields, and Katie Taylor.

eSports Boxing Club is still slated to release sometime in 2022. When it does, it will come to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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