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eSports Boxing Club Steam Page Reveals New Details

eSports Boxing Club

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Steel City Interactive’s upcoming simulation boxing game eSports Boxing Club. While SCI continues to announce new boxers and talent on Twitter, it also opened a Steam page for eSports Boxing Club last week. The Steam page details why Steel City Interactive is interested in going the Early Access route. The rest of the page has some details you might have missed, as well.

eSports Boxing Club on Steam – “Why Early Access?”

As previously reported, the folks at Steel City Interactive plan to release ESBC on Steam early access next month. We already have some information on what to expect from ESBC in Early Access. Steel City Interactive gives even more details on why it’s choosing Early Access, and for how long, under the Early Access banner on the Steam page.

SCI answers the “why” very simply, saying “early access will help us refine and continually develop the game for final release.” The developers expand on this a bit further, in reference to how the full launch will different from the Early Access version:

“eSports Boxing Club will continually evolve. We have a Roadmap which outlines some features which will be introduced post-launch. This means more fighters, venues, game-modes, eSports Tournaments, additional commentary teams, reporters, presenters and much more.”

According to the game page, Steel City Interactive plans on running ESBC in early access for three months. However, the game won’t enter its final release until the team is satisfied that the gameplay is “as perfect as possible.” This includes taking as much feedback as possible, which SCI encourages players to do actively. The early access version will include 10 venues (seven unique and three variations), 25 licensed boxers, some form of the game’s Career mode, and both online and offline multiplayer.

A Hint At Things To Come

The ESBC steam listing itself has a few new details as well. Under Features, Steel City Interactive lists some things we haven’t covered yet. Alongside the “revolutionary footwork system” featured in the alpha gameplay trailer, the steam page also advertises a “revolutionary feint system.” There’s only one sentence and a gif to tease what that could be.

The only hint at ESBC’s feint system, via Steam

The Realism tab describes managing your fighter’s weight as well as their injuries. Will ESBC let players cut weight for fights? Will it be as dangerous as it is in real life? The steam page also teases a retirement system. The prompt that you could make a comeback suggests that retirement may not be the end of your ESBC career.

eSports Boxing Club enters Early Access this December on Steam. ESBC will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in first Quarter 2021. The Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 release dates will be sometime in Quarter 4 2021.

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