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Fire Pro Wrestling World Advanced Controls Guide

Fire Pro Wrestling World continues to provide a wrestling simulation like no other. Spike Chunsoft has found a myriad of ways to replicate in-ring action. FPW World is capable of producing action accustom to the indie scene and big promotions like the WWE and NJPW. However, the game does lack in-game documentation. To get started putting on your own five-star matches, check our advanced control guide below. It details a few controls not covered in-game.

Fire Pro Wrestling World Advanced Controls Guide

There are plenty of sources to find how to play Fire Pro Wrestling World. Albeit, some are more reliable than others. Rest assured, I’ve done the footwork for you and compiled my results after testing them.

Knowing Your Buttons

While this doesn’t count as advanced, it is extremely important to understand the default control scheme as it relates to an Xbox 360 as. for some reason, all official documentation on the game is written for 360 users (although FPW World is only available for PC & PS4), but still provides useful information. I’ve tested and provided the controls for your consumption.

What you should know:

Fire Prow Wrestling World Control Guide Basic
Fire Prow Wrestling World Basic Control Guide
3D Walking and Back Grabs

Now that you have a grasp of the basics, it’s time to go over a few advanced techniques to help you master the squared circle. First, understand that the 3D Walk is simply used to circle your opponent to attempt a back grab. By pressing D and a direction (typically left or right) you will walk around to the back of your opponent. This makes it much easier to perform back grapples without having the Back Switch move in your arsenal. In addition, this is imperative for playing downloaded wrestlers like Kenny Omega or Kazuchika Okada.

Going to the Top Rope

Like most moves in FPW, you have weak, medium and strong aerial dives. To ascend the top rope, press your Weak Attack or Medium Attack. This will also dictate which attack you use upon release. To descend without take damage, press the down arrow key.

Tope Dives and Springboards

Springboards work largely like they do for other major wrestling franchises. To springboard, stand next to the rope and press the direction towards the rope plus Strong Attack. That works for inside-to-inside, inside-to-outside and Apron-to-ringside dives. Tope dives require you to be running. While running, hold the Strong Attack and follow through to the ropes to dive to the outside. Run and hold Weak Attack or Medium Attack for corner-based springboard attacks.

Corner to Center Attacks
Fire Pro Wrestling Guide
SGO’s own K-Finley vs Kyle O’Reilly

A lot of the cooler maneuvers for strikers are Corner-to-Center attacks. These includes superkicks and spears as well as shining wizards and the Kinshasa. The cool thing about these attacks is FPW World requires you to pull them off the same way you’d see on TV. Land any one of your grapple moves close to the center of the ring as possible. With your opponent grounded (they can be face up or down), walk towards a turnbuckle across from them. Once you’re in position, hold the direction towards the turnbuckle and the Strong Attack button.

If done correctly, your character will taunt to some degree and rush the opponent as they began to stand up and hit whatever move is assigned. The key is holding the buttons down until you make contact as it is possible for opponents to recover fully mid move. This a bit realism as they can dodge depending on where you are once they recover.


This a big one! As I mentioned before, I’ve tested these controls myself and can only really confirm what I’ve been successful. From what I’ve gathered, you can manually up your chances at a reversal and only in certain circumstances. The easiest one is countering Irish-Whips. When making contact with the rope, press Z or X (small or medium) to attempt a dodge. Using the Medium Attack will cause you to counter with a boot to the opponents face or another move depending on the fighting style.

When on the ground, use Z to stand up or A plus a direction to roll out of the way. As for grapple counters, I’ve read that rapidly pressing the directional keys helps but cannot confirm this theory. Since a grapple can be countered by merely having the better timing, it’s likely that standing counter are chance based on factors like fatigue and attributes.

Pinfalls and Submission Escapes

Escaping pinfalls and submissions work roughly the same as early wrestling games. You tap buttons. Unlike early adaptations, you must know what to press. For pins, there are two overlapping theories, both yielding results. To be safe, stick with tapping the the Medium Attack button or X on your keyboard.

Submissions work a bit differently as there are two ways to escape; there’s break the hold of getting a rope break. Spike Chunsoft made it easy by allowing you to do both at the same time. Hold A + D (regain stamina & 3D Walk) while tapping the directional keys to fight the submission. Depending on distance from ropes and your attributes will determine if you break the hold or reach the ropes first. Both are preferable to tapping out.

Combo Exchanges

One of my all-time-favorite mechanics in Fire Pro Wrestling World is the strike combo exchanges. If you find yourself on the losing end of these, more often than not, you’re not pressing the correct buttons. Now, fatigue and attributes do have some control over who wins and what type of sequence is dealt. However, to give yourself the best opportunity to come out on top, you’ll want to repeatedly tap the weak, medium and strong attack buttons or Z, X and C.

Tests of Strength

Periodically and depending on fighting styles, two Fire Pro Wrestling World competitors will initiate a test of strength. During this, you’ll need to mash the directional keys to gain the upper hand.

Enter and Exiting the Ring
Fire Pro Wrestling Guide
Angelico vs Fenix

Simple yet not explained. I’m sure we all have been thrown out the ring in Fire Pro Wrestling without knowing how to get back in. To enter and exit the ring is simple. With the directional key held to where you want to go, press and hold Z. Holding Z + X will do a slide into or out of the ring. In addition, if you press S + D when doing a grab, you’ll toss your opponent to the outside. It’s a good way to set fatigued opponents up for an awesome Tope Con Hilo.

Road to Victory

And that’s it. There’s, of course, more control schemes out there. This guide doesn’t even begin to dive into the tag team controls. However, it should be more than enough to get you ready for 100 percent matches.

Was there anything I missed? Did you find other control theories that worked better? Let us know in the comments below!

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