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New Details On Next-Gen Boxing Game: eSports Boxing Club

eSports Boxing Club

Back in April, Steel City Interactive released the first trailer for their upcoming boxing RPG. eSports Boxing Club showed in-game footage on next-gen systems, and while its first showing was short, a follow-up trailer in June was much more impressive. Steel City Interactive has since released more details surrounding eSports Boxing Club.

Talking the Talk – Partnerships With The Boxing World

Steel City Interactive isn’t just trying to slap together a boxing game. When you look at their partnerships, it’s clear they’re putting in the work. Steel City Interactive has deals with boxing organizations like the British Boxing Board of Control and the World Boxing Council. Boxing legend Ryan Rhodes is serving as lead consultant. Just yesterday, it announced a partnership with CompuBox, the company that tracks real-time statistics for most boxing events including those on Showtime and ESPN.

Coupled with their previously announced partnerships, and with industry heavy hitters Ten-24 on motion capture, eSports Boxing Club has put together a product that, on paper, is the real deal.

Finally, here are some more details straight from the folks at Steel City Interactive:

  • Physics-based combat using real-life weight-to-limb ratios and velocity impacts. Every big power-punch can be felt, with real-time damage and staggers!
  • A Simulation Boxing RPG – eSports Boxing Club will feature the deepest RPG mechanics seen in a combat based boxing game. More details to follow soon!
  • A diverse roster, which currently features 57 boxers including Unified Junior Welterweight champion Josh Taylor, rising featherweight Sophie Alisch, UK’s #1 ranked super bantamweight Shannon Courtenay, super featherweight champion Terri Harper, and more.
  • Steel City Interactive is committed to the high visual bar it’s set. That includes making sure legacy boxers, such as Joe Frazier and Rocky Marciano, look just as good as scanned boxers.
  • A focus on authenticity means the licensed boxers above will be able to show off their WBC and The Ring title belts in-game.

At the beginning of the month, Steel City Interactive announced the hiring of a full time Community Manager. That means we’ll be seeing more consistent info on the upcoming boxing RPG soon. Until then, enjoy our breakdown of its next-gen footage above. eSports Boxing Club is coming to Early Access on PC this December. Steel City Interactive is planning to release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at the end of Q1 2021.

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