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UFC 2 Gets An Update And New Fighters

Xbox one and PlayStation 4 players can now download game update 1.09 and content update #6 for UFC 2. Together, both downloads are less than 2gb. They add new gameplay elements and four new fighters to the roster.

New Gameplay Elements

After the newest update, players can block regardless of what stage of hit reaction they are currently in. However, it only applies after sustaining a strike to the body or the legs. To counter the new blocking abilities, EA has made changes to arm health and damage. Arm health while blocking has been reduced by 20 percent, and arm damage while blocking has been increased by 20 percent. These new mechanics will force the player to adjust the way they approach fights. No longer can they simply hold the block button as their opponent throws bombs. Now, they will have to utilize head movement and dodging as well.

Another great addition to the game, the “grapple advantage meter,” allows players to see the most opportune moments to capitalize on takedowns, reversals, transitions and submissions. This new feature will help players unfamiliar with the fight game better understand when to attempt risky maneuvers.

Lastly, update 1.09 adds “The Holloway” ability to Max Holloway. In short, this ability will give the player infinite stamina, disable the clinch and takedown abilities of their opponents, and reduce back up speed by half. How do you trigger this near god-mode scenario? It’s simple. Play as Max Holloway and taunt your opponent in the last 20 seconds of any round. If your opponent taunts back, “The Holloway” ability activates.

Fighter Updates

UFC 2’s sixth content update adds four new fighters to the game and an existing fighter to another weight class. Players can now dominate the cage with Abel Trujillo, Evan Dunham, Rashid Magomedov, and Sean O’Connel. In addition to the new playable fighters,EA has added Donald Cerrone to the welterweight roster in game, following his move to welterweight in the UFC.



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