Mar 1, 2021
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UFC 2 Update Adds Minor Changes

ufc 2 update 41416

EA Sports dropped a new UFC 2 update today with some minor changes.

The biggest change is a new stamina tax on spinining, but the devs didn’t release hard numbers on how much stamina is hit by spinning.

Some L1 strikes were touched up as well.

Finally, apparently some fighter records weren’t correct. These are the fighters with updated records:

  • John Dodson: 17-7-0 from 18-7-0
  • Rashad Evans: 19 – 4 – 1 from 24-4-1
  • Manvel Gamburyan: 15-8-0 from 18-9-0
  • Raquel Pennington: 6-5-0 from 6-6-0
  • Rose Namajumas: 4-2-0 from 5-2-0

Here’s the list of changes, according to the EA Sports forums.

– Increased stamina tax for consecutive spinning and jumping strikes
– Record updates for Hunt vs Mir
– Record updates for Rothwell vs dos Santos
– Attribute updates for Miesha Tate and Holly Holm

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