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EA Sports dropped the eighth gameplay update for UFC 3. Their official blog highlights the changes coming with “use your footwork, and keep your back off the cage.” Keep reading below for a few of the blog highlights.

Content Update 8 Blog Goes Live for UFC 3

The eighth update is said to be the largest thus far for UFC 3. EA Sports has added a noticeable amount of new animations and features. The first of which, is a much asked-for feature. Players will now be able to knock opponents into a seated position with there backs against the cage. This allows you to finish the fight against fighters despite being against the cage. The knockout finishes are animation extensive. EA Sports notes such a feature takes time. However, it is here.

Any time you knock an opponent down with their back close to the Octagon, they will fall into a new ‘Finish the Fight’ position. This happens regardless of the knockdown severity. That includes Alert or Active Knockdowns.

Changes to Active Knockdowns

Many in the community had much to say about Active Knockdowns. What was clear was that changes needed to be made. With the latest update, you can press towards your opponent with the left stick while they are recovering from an Active Knockdown. This will open up new interactions between the fighters.

Depending on several factors, you’ll have the ability to push them, engage in single collars, or push them into the new seated cage position. Alternatively, if you find yourself recovering from an Active Knockdown, you can choose to stay grounded by holding the right stick to defend against the new attack positions.

Footwork Improvements

Content 8 also brings new animations and mo-cap to improve responsiveness to many aspects of evasion:

  • lunging after a strike,
  • striking after lunging,
  • lunging after head movement,
  • and chaining lunges together.

You’ll also be able to block during the lunge. However, lunging into a strike will cause you take extra block damage. Additionally, the striker will no longer track if the defensive fighter lunges to the outside. The same goes for if the defensive fighter evades any forward moving strike with a major lunge.

And So Much More

As I mentioned, EA Sports stated this is the largest update to the UFC 3 so far. The information above barely scratches the surface. You’ll also be able to create new angles from the advanced footwork. The content update also brings counter blocks, reaching straight jabs and a host of other new capabilities. Be sure to check the official post from EA to get the full details on things like new signature techniques and, of course, the full list of patch notes.

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