Mar 3, 2021
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UFC 3 Gameplay Update Following Beta Feedback

UFC 3 Beta Improvements

Geoff Harrower, lead gameplay designer, have given fans of EA’s UFC franchise a lot of details on action in the octagon ahead of the official UFC 3 launch. Below is Harrower’s most recent tweet. There you can see a glimpse into the improvements made to stamina and striking.


UFC 3 Beta Updates

Previously, long term stamina loss did not affect the initial speed of a combo or strike. Essentially, a winded opponent could strike a s fast as a fresh fighter on the initial strike. Now, stamina will play a much larger role. Long term stamina will need to be a focus as strike will be increasingly sluggish in even in its relative full state. While it won’t always drastically different, the changes will become more noticeable over time. In addition, Harrower also mentions fighters will have different animation sets for fatigued behavior.

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