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UFC 4 Action Bronson

UFC 4 Update Brings Action Bronson and More

The newest fighter update released for UFC 4, and it appears to be the biggest one yet. In addition to gameplay adjustments based on community feedback, rapper Action Bronson has been added to the stacked heavyweight division. Players can check out gameplay via Bronson’s own Twitter.

UFC 4 new fighter and improvements

The update comes at a great time as Online World Championships mode starts its ninth season. Players may feel assuaged that the once abusive mechanics have been nerfed or fine-tuned in hopes fo creating a better overall experience. 

Action Bronson model in UFC 4

Based on the community feedback, the update has fine-tuned plenty of problems within the game. Below lists several improvements players can expect following the update:

  • Fixed issue where body crane kicks could track side lunges.
  • Addressed issue in the crucifix, that allowed submission entries to override transitions.
  • Slightly decreased the strength of the following submissions:
    • Rear Naked Choke from Back Sitting
    • Armbar from Postured Full Mount
    • Armbar from Full Mount
    • Triangle Armbar from Full Mount
    • Armbar from Side Saddle
    • Arm Triangle from Side Saddle
    • North-South Choke from North-South
    • Windshield Choke from North-South
    • Gogoplata from Rubber Guard
  • Moderately decreased the strength of the Gogoplata from Full Mount.
  • Severely decreased the strength of the Guillotines from the Clinch.

The fighter addition and game improvements have already gone live. As always, the update occurs at the beginning of the game so there is no need to wait for a full patch. Players can just jump straight in and test the waters.

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9 months ago

This patch is so shitty that EA doesn’t even put out a post for it on their own website.

Release this game on PC so modders can fix what EA developers refuse to.

This game has less features than UFC 3.