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UFC 4 Version 4.08 Patch Notes

The latest patch for EA’s simulation fighting game UFC 4 is live. UFC 4 version 4.08 brings balance changes and bug fixes. It also adds two new fighters to the roster: 4 star light heavyweight Aleksander Rakic, and 4 star middleweight Marvin Vettori.

The two new 4 stars join newly upgraded 5 star Max Holloway on the UFC 4 roster. Holloway, a featherweight from Hawaii, joins the exclusive 5-star club this weekend. He even has the medal to prove it. Holloway’s improvement comes after his January against Calvin Kattar. In the bout, Halloway set numerous single-fight UFC records. He even had a moment during the 5th round that could have come straight out of UFC 4 netplay.

You can find the full list of changes in version 4.08 below.

UFC 4 Version 4.08 Patch Notes

Fighter Updates:

• Added 2 new fighters, Aleksandar Rakić and Marvin Vettori

Gameplay Updates:

• Increased Permanent Block Damage
• Fixed issue with pivot counters damage
• Decreased defender scramble cost against the Hiptoss from Collartie and Muay Thai
• Attempting the Muay Thai Hiptoss now requires a 20% stamina advantage
• Slowed down Jab – Question Mark Kick combo
• Slowed down Jab – Tornado Kick combo
• Slowed down Knee on Belly fake
• Made Mount to Half Guard Transition a little more readable
• Polished the ending of various animations
• Forward Back Clinch Drive Takedown
• Back Clinch Forward Drive Turn Slam
• Cage Back Clinch Forward Drag Takedown
• Side Saddle to Back Side Transition
• Heel Hook Escape to Mount
• Fixed an issue with evasion consistency on the Back Lean
• Decreased defender stamina drain on tower takedown scrambles
• Fixed lack of evasion in single leg shots from combos
• Fixed camera angle after the submissive over under trip
• Fixed scramble animation for the submissive over under trip
• Fixed rare issue with evasions in ground and pound not taxing the attackers stamina
• Significantly slowed down the fatigued/stunned rear elbow
• Fixed rare issue where body uppercuts could cause head hit reactions
• Fixed issue where body strikes that redirect to the head would deal more damage and bypass the block
• Fixed issue with knees sometimes being treated as a miss, despite visually connecting.
• Fixed issues with the Dominick Cruz’s Special Outside Lunge. It now has the proper evasion windows and can actually evade two strikes
• Fixed cases of 10-8 rounds being awarded without a significant amount of damage being dealt
• Fixed rare issue where fighters could get stuck when striking out of the clinch

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