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VR Takes a Punch – Knockout League Looks to Take Out the Competition

Knockout League

Knockout League

VR libraries get a new boxing title this year. With their second game on Steam, developer Grab Games comes out swinging with Knockout League. Grab Games boasts having ex-Konami devs among its ranks and plans to release Knockout League for the HTC Vive and the competing Oculus Rift.

Stepping Into the Ring

Grab Games’ new title won’t be a tradition boxing sim like Fight Night. Instead, it will incorporate a mixture of wacky cartoony characters (like a boxing octopus) and rigorous movement to build its foundation.

Knockout League
Good thing he can’t use all eight arms.

The core mechanics are center upon dodging, blocking, and punching. Timing will be key to victory as each opponent has a pattern. Once players identify the pattern, they will need to look for openings in the patterns to capitalize on without getting hit. This may sound simple but every opponent gets harder. Dodging “Sir Octopunch” won’t be as easy as avoiding a literal hook from a pirate.

Early Access

Knockout League is currently available via Steam Early Access. It is said to be a bit more rigorous in movements but does not requirement a full room committed to VR. Hand controllers with straps are highly recommended especially for extended play.

Get an in-depth impression on Grab Games’ Knockout League here.


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