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Young Rocky Balboa Character To Come With PSVR’s Creed: Rise To Glory

creed rise to glory

Sony announced today that those who purchase the new Creed: Rise To Glory title coming out fall of 2018 will receive a young Rocky Balboa character to use in the game.The ability to play with the young Rocky Balboa character in the upcoming Creed boxing title is completely exclusive to those players playing on the PS VR.

This will be the sports gaming community’s latest attempt at creating a meaningful boxing title based off of the popular ‘Rocky’ movie franchise. This is not the first time a boxing game featuring Rocky has been attempted. Although this game is based on the latest ‘Creed’ movies, the allure of playing with Rocky Balboa certainly peeks the curiosity of any fan of boxing titles.

The game titled simply ‘Rocky’ was released for the PlayStation 2 console several years ago, but ended up being a major disappointment to boxing game enthusiasts. Fight Night by EA had the boxing genre on lock down during that time as well, and this made it hard for the original ‘Rocky’ title to compete.

Today, however, with the Fight Night franchise being at a stand still, this latest boxing game will definitely draw some attention from those fans of the boxing game genre. Many sports gaming fans have been aching for a new boxing title to hit the next gen consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One, so this could be a start. The main selling point for this game, outside of the VR, sits within the possibility of fighting with the legendary Rocky Balboa. Throw that in, and the new Creed: Rise To Glory is close to a must play for VR players.

Fans will get the chance to not only play out Addonis Creed’s storymode, but they’ll have the ability to train with Rocky Balboa, just as in the movie. Players can also choose to set up challenging exhibition matches. The game will also attempt to make PS VR users feel like they’re truly in the fight.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the PS VR boxing title will feature “situational desynchronization, including fatigue, staggering, and knockouts.”

That sounds like the developers are doing their best to create a title worthy of a true VR experience. It doesn’t seem like the game is going to offer much more outside of the career and exhibition game modes, but we’ll have to wait and see if any new details surface as we get closer to the fall 2018 release of Creed: Rise To Glory.

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