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Fire Pro Wrestling World Early Access Review

Fire Pro Wrestling World

After a 10-year absence, Fire Pro Wrestling, one of the most iconic wrestling game franchises, is back with a brand new experience in Fire Pro Wrestling World.

Featuring a nearly unlimited suite of customization options, a variety of game modes and the trusted gameplay fans of the series have come to always expect, Fire Pro Wrestling World looks to take everything great about the series and improve upon it in every way imaginable.

When you first load up the game you’ll be met with a plethora of options. So much so that, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed, especially when it comes to the editing suite.

There are a number of game modes ranging from simple single matches to specialty matches like battle royals or leagues where a group of wrestlers battle it out to move up and down the rankings.

Tournaments are exactly what you would expect, but it’s not just a set of one-on-one matches. Whether standard singles matches are your style or you enjoy barbed wire death matches, Fire Pro Wrestling World allows it. Hell, fans can even have matches inside an MMA Octagon where you can only win via knockout if they so choose. The options really do feel endless.

It may not look like much, but there’s a plethora of options within these menus

There is a mission mode which acts as a tutorial for players. While most tutorials are easily avoidable in games without any real ramifications, it’s highly suggested you play Fire Pro Wrestling World’s. If your brand new to the series or you have some experience, the missions help you to get your timing down in a game that is built completely around timing inside the ring.

Make no mistake, Fire Pro Wrestling World is game built for the dedicated wrestling fan.

Online currently features only two-players at a time either in single matches or in tag-team bouts against bots though more match types will be available as the game continues through its early access stages.

But as with any wrestling game, most people want to know about the roster and customization options.

If you know anything about the Fire Pro franchise, you know that it prides itself on having the deepest customization suite possible. Fire Pro Wrestling World is no exception.

Players have the option to edit or create wrestlers, referees, teams, rings, championships, brands, and more. And the suite is insanely large when it comes to face, body, and attire offerings, among others. The game comes with a small selection of generic wrestlers to choose from, leaving it up to players to either create or download their selection of characters. On Steam, the game features full workshop integration, giving players a boundless supply of wrestlers to choose from. You can have as many wrestlers in your game as you want. The only thing limiting you is the size of your hard drive.

There isn’t an option currently to add custom music for entrance themes, but that has already been confirmed to be coming as soon as the game leaves early access, and hits a full launch.

Make no mistake, Fire Pro Wrestling World is game built for the dedicated wrestling fan. There isn’t a single player career mode or anything of the like. The game is about creating your own story while you play. While casual fans may not enjoy that, the bulk of joy will come from those who either love the series already or love the art of professional wrestling.

As previously stated, matches are all about timing and putting on a good performance. Participants work their way up from smaller, weaker moves to their major maneuvers to end the match all while maintaining their stamina — done through in-game breathing — throughout.

You have to hit your opponent with snapmares and scoop slams before you can even think about pulling off a signature maneuver. If you try to jump the gun, you’ll be the one laying on your back in the middle of the ring.

It takes some work to pull off bigger moves

Additionally, the match rating system has returned, adding a bit more meaning to your matches on top of wins and losses. Rather than trying to quickly dismantle your opponent, you want to work a match as “lifelike” as possible in order to entertain the audience best and get a better rating.  Even the CPU vs. CPU matches can be entertaining because there’s a certain sense of realism to how they play out that you don’t get in any other wrestling game. Fire Pro Wrestling World really is the closest players will get to see wrestling matches that resemble the real thing in a video game.

Still, there are some things missing that would add to the experience like more arenas to fight in as well as the ability to create an arena. Also, it would be nice to see some more match types added.

There is a Match Maker mode coming in the near future that will allow players to build their perfect wrestling card in order to achieve the best ratings possible which will add another level of replayability. It’s unlikely, but a way for the shows to link together in some form that incorporates “storylines” would be a nice add-on to the mode. Any way to add depth and make it feel like you can actually run a wrestling company would be an applauded addition.

Fire Pro Wrestling World may be a game that lacks a bit of depth, but it is shaping up to be one of the best games in the history of the series. That being said, the game is still in early access and there are certain to be more updates to come from developer Spike Chunsoft. Whether there the updates fans want to see, however, remains to be seen.

Fire Pro Wrestling World will remain in early access throughout the summer with a full launch coming to PC and PlayStation 4 later this year. An update — along with a changed score if necessary — to our review will release shortly after the full launch of the game.

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Note: Fire Pro Wrestling World is an early access title, and was reviewed on PC using a copy provided by the developers

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