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WWE 2K18 Screenshots – 2K Dev Spotlight Series Episode 3

2K Dev Spotlight Series

Via social, 2K kicked off the week early hinting at new WWE 2K18 screenshots arriving August 3, 2017. In another 2K Dev Spotlight Series episode, they explained the character sculpting process and left a few surprises at the end.

WWE 2K18 screenshots

As mentioned, episode three explained the process for 2K’s model sculpting process. When given the chance, WWE Superstars step into a small pod surrounded by cameras. The studio then captures expressions and a full scan of the superstar. That data is then given to artists who use it to create life-like iterations and skin textures.

WWE 2K creative director Lynell Jinks urges viewers to stay tuned until the end. As the video comes to a close, 2K showcases the first screens of the cover athlete, Seth Rollins.

WWE 2K18 Screenshots

And here’s the second screenshot.

WWE 2K18 Screenshots

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