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Football Manager 2022 Details New Features

Football Manager 2022 is getting some new features leading up to its launch on November 9th. Last week, developer Sports Interactive detailed some of its unique features in a two-part series called “In The Studio.” In the first episode, the Sports Interactive team talked about its new data hub and match engine. The team claims these features will enhance the overall Football Manager experience and is looking forward to talking about more details regarding the upcoming football title in part two of the series.

Data Hub

The data hub is a new feature and acts as a brand new section in Football Managers 2022‘s sidebar. As the name suggests, its main focus is to bring players an in-depth look into your clubs’ strengths and weaknesses. In addition, FM22 provides new data visual graphs, zone maps, along with a reworked pass map. These features will add to Football Managers‘ already existing analytics and improve the game’s tactical side.

Match Engine

Sports Interactive’s new animation engine looks to improve the authenticity of the virtual pitch. Player movements have improved, and dribbles have been reworked for a better football experience.

The FM22 match engine marks the start of a new era in our everlasting pursuit to create the perfect simulation of on-pitch action.

In addition to the animation improvements, FM22 improves on the gameplay side. Sports Interactive has enhanced the pressing system, and player conditions have more impact on their overall passing, shots, and first touch. This feature influences managers’ decisions on subbing and resting players given on player condition and form.

Lastly, Football Manager 2022 improves on its Wide-Centre Back role by giving more tactical flexibility to managers. Wide Centre-Backs can now be developed to support or attack with the option to overlap and create two vs. one situations.

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